KDP Select Experiment

You know, it was bound to happen.

Thinking on my post about Amazon, and the new “developments” by Barnes and Noble, I can’t help but think twice about the distributions for my books.

Quite obviously, Amazon is coming up with better, bolder innovations for the self-pubs, regardless of their level of success. They’re coming up with better ways to work all. the. time. Barnes and Noble, conversely, seems to be grasping at the old norm of a Big 6 publisher and a brick-and-mortar store as The Best Distribution, which completely doesn’t reconcile with reality or current trends.

As it were, I enrolled Mages in KDP Select. I have three months to see how it will do, and then I will decide if the others will follow suit. The thing is, though, by now I’m pretty confident that it will end up working out for the best.

So you know what? I’m putting my eggs into the Amazon basket. B&N is shooting itself in the foot with a devastating effect, and if they roll out something else that puts a cramp into the self-publishing and e-book style, then they will find themselves going the way of Borders.

So, if you feel like getting your hands on a copy of my first book, which I will admit has its own foibles, then it’s right here: http://amzn.to/A6gMhw

Secrets and Lineage will follow suit if Mages pans out well enough.




4 thoughts on “KDP Select Experiment

  1. Another set positive thoughts on KDPS. It all seems rather encouraging, though people do seem to make a fuss about the distribution restrictions. Though to be honest, if Amazon are going to keep stomping through the industry with their massive boots of ‘we can do it!’ then why not let them carry us along too?

    1. Indeed.

      As of right now, the only real competition that Amazon may have is Apple and the iBooks platform, but Apple is pretty Kindle-friendly in its own right; its mobile app is pretty straightforward. If that’s the course of the industry, then I’ll happily hop on the bandwagon.

      Welcome to my blog. :)

  2. I can’t wait to see your numbers. My non-advertised freebie run went pretty well, and I’m seeing more hits on the individual buy pages on my blog. I’m thinking I might rotate in something else once Waterspout has rotated back in to general digital territory.

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