When Amazon does promo, Amazon does promo.

So I decided to make my book free for Kindle, as part of the KDP Select free promo days. So far, just Book 1, though. I did no promo apart from some scheduled tweets with the link, and tossed a couple of FB groups the link as well.

The day is barely halfway gone and over a hundred copies have been moved so far, and it’s not stopping. Across both the US, UK, and German markets. Holy crap. I had no idea I had waiting fans in Germany, but there you go!

I’m delighted, and very grateful to my readers. And, as ever, I look forward to your reviews. Recently, MW from San Diego gave the first book a five-star review. Awesome.

I will happily put up a draft of the film version up if I can. I want to see if people like reading scripts as much as I do.