Some people should never be in charge.

Like this guy, the Mississippi governor, who insists that liberals want abortions left and right. 

Seriously? Do I really have to explain this shit?

Let me, again and with feeling, explain the concept of pro-choice. See the word choice. It does not mean to abort the ever-loving hell out of every pregnancy. It means exactly what it is: choice. As in, a woman has the choice as to whether or not she wants to keep a pregnancy. If she does – that’s her choice. See that word again? But if she doesn’t and makes the choice to abort, then that is her choice. Funny little word, right?

Now, look at what I just wrote. And now ask me this: where does it get implied, even remotely, that every pregnant woman would traipse into a doctor’s office and ask to terminate a pregnancy like it’s the easiest choice ever? Where is it implied that there’s an abortions-for-all concept here?

I’ll wait.

No answer? Fabulous. I’ll go on, then.

Let’s be frank and call a spade a spade: none of this anti-choice, anti-birth control BS is about babies. NONE. Zip. Zero. This is basically men getting their britches in a bunch over the fact that, now that women have control over their biology and don’t have to be shackled to house, home, kids, and uterus, they are creating viable competition for the men in the workplace and in life. This is all about control. It has absolutely nothing to do with babies, because the same people who would see abortion outlawed are the very same people who would eliminate any and all social safety nets as the next step. They don’t give a damn about babies. They don’t give a damn about women, because they can and will and have imprisoned women for not giving birth the way they want (google the case of a FL woman who was imprisoned because she wanted a natural birth after a C-section with her first child). They only want one thing: to shoehorn women right back into the 19th Century, where there was little choice for a woman but to marry and reproduce, man was the king of the castle, and everyone around him was to worship him.

This is what it’s about. Make no mistake. And lest you believe otherwise, think of this: the Republicans have proposed next to nothing to create jobs. They have, however, proposed – and in some cases, passed – over four hundred anti-choice bills.

This right here is a perfect demonstration of their priorities. None of this is about “saving” anything except their egos.

On a national scale.

And they’re not in the least bit ashamed that they would use women and women’s rights as political bargaining chips and blame “radical feminism” for their own misogyny. Feminism is this superbly radical idea that women are people. You know, human beings.

The Republicans have to lose and lose HARD in November.



5 thoughts on “Some people should never be in charge.

  1. Why is it always the Republicans and the Democrats that become the issue? The two party system was set up to keep the people divided. Behind closed doors, it’s one big party and they are all trying to contol the populace, man or woman. I’d rather see the Governors of the State argue abortion than I would see the Federal Government stick their fingers in that cookie jar. To be honest, I think the Government should stay out of the issue altogether, but you know as well as I do, that’s not going to happen. At least if it is a State issue, a person can pack up and move if they don’t like where they live. Just wait until the Government owns us all, it won’t be just the women they try to control. The issue we’d better worry about for the time being, is the shredding of our Constitution, and the demise of our economy, which is rooted with the private bankers at the Federal Reserve.

    1. This is assuming that the Governors of the State have their heads on straight, which as the linked article proves, and as Jan Brewer had proved time and again in AZ, is not the case. This is exactly why I want there to be a notation on the Federal level – in court, fed ruling always supersedes state ruling – because I know very well that if the states had their individual way, it’s a slow slide to secession. Happened once.

      I worked on Wall Street for a month. The inside joke there is, to this day, “When is America going to go broke?” Think on that. Not to mention, clear violation of certain antitrust acts…

  2. I suspect you and I are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in politics. I admire Jan Brewer for fighting for her State. She is a gutsy lady, and she’s willing to enforce laws the Federal Government SHOULD be enforcing. As to the question of ‘When is America going to go broke?”. We’ve been broke. We are already living on counterfeit money. Take away the Fed’s printing press and there is no money. Our heirs are in debt before they are born. The Federal Government has run off track. For that matter, if most of the Traitors that work for our Federal Goverment had their way, America would be the NAU by now.

    1. Opposite – definitely. I think Jan Brewer has no idea what she’s doing, if her anti-union attempts were any indication. Business 101: you do not compromise the infrastructure for the sake of profit. The Feds are only now learning that lesson, but Brewer, apparently, has no problem slashing at the unionized workers of the state. And know this: without them, the concept of an 8-hour workday would never have been legalized. That and the fact that she had no problem passing a recent law stipulating pregnancy as beginning two weeks before conception – which flies in the face of biological facts – really kills any sort of credibility that she has. What, exactly, can I admire in Brewer?

      Having lived outside the US, and having studied history on a thorough basis, I think the US would do well to take some cues from Europe, both in terms of history and in terms of practice. Historically speaking, the US is still a fledgling country, and it hadn’t gone through the literal centuries of upheavals that have been cyclic with most European nations. We’re a young country, and instead of learning, there’s nose-thumbing, semantics, and very little actual problem-solving. The Democrats aren’t exempt from that, but I sure as hell don’t see them getting britches in a bunch over the Violence Against Women Act, which had not had issues with renewal until this legislature’s session. People’s inherent rights aren’t gambling chips, and I find that practice deplorable.

      I will stop and say this, though: if you have an issue with my political opinions, we can part ways and agree to disagree. I’m fine with it.

  3. First, just because we disagree in the political arena doesn’t mean we need to part ways in general, unless you choose to do it. Abortion is not at the top of my list of issues that needs to be addressed, especially on a Federal Level. Right now, I am way more worried about the loss of our 1st and 4th Amendment rights (and possibly our 2nd Amendment rights (and for the record, I don’t like guns)), the outsourcing of our jobs, and the fact that private bankers own America. To me, Jan Brewer is a fiesty woman (from what I’ve seen of her) and I admire that. If I were more familiar with All of her stances on every issue, that might not be the case. In any event, your opinion doesn’t matter any more than mine does, when it comes right down to it. I do agree that personal freedoms are lacking anymore and that is the concept that has made America great … freedom of choice on a personal level. I remember when America was still the Greatest Nation on Earth, which was quite a feat due to the fact that we are such a young Country. I remember when people had ambition and hope. My heart breaks for our future generations if we don’t bring our Federal Government to a screeching halt and redivert the power they’ve stolen back into the hands of the States and the people. America is becoming no different than any other Nation on Earth, where once we were the envy of those Nations because of our Freedoms. While, we the people, are fighting amongst ourselves, our leaders are laying the groundwork for the NAU. There’s a little something to think about, too. Peace. ;)

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