Chasing Music – What’s On The Menu

Whew. It just occurred to me: there hasn’t been a jazz-related post on here for quite a while, and I won’t lie, I missed writing about my favorite music.

In truth, I’ve been pretty busy, both with the day job and writing, but as it is, I have been making every effort to see my music. I’ve taken to photographing the shows more than I write about them, and if you have me on Facebook, whether my personal profile or my business page (which I strongly encourage you like on FB to see some of my shots), then you may’ve seen them.

So far, the notable shows have been Ragan Whiteside at Trumpets, Chuck Loeb going straight-ahead with the Plain ‘n Simple Trip at the Blue Note, and Elan Trotman pairing up with Will Donato at the Houndstooth. Ladies and gentlemen, I take back whatever I said about Koz or Brian Culbertson being hams. You just have not met Will Donato, and you cannot possibly mistake it when you do: chances are, he’s either in your lap or pulling you onstage, and yes, I mean that literally.

For crying out loud, when I met him, he was between me and my coffee! :)

(Will, I know you’re reading this. Hi! Hugs! See you soon!)

May and June will be busy indeed. I have so far:

– Smooth Jazz for Scholars, Connecticut. Nelson Rangell is coming for that gig. Uh…yes. Please.

– Shilts at the Houndstooth for the release of his new CD, All Grown Up.

– Newport Beach, CA, for the jazz festival

– Acoustic Alchemy coming back to the Iridium

– Steve Cole and JJ Sansaverino in Lucille’s Grill at BB King’s

– Spyro Gyra at the Blue Note (in July, I think).

There is much to catch up on far as writing about music goes, and once my brain recuperates from being Swiss-cheesed by tax season, I will happily proceed to do so.