To Jump the Gun, or Not to Jump?

That is the question, and the answer will be decided by majority opinion.

This is the thing. Revival, the fourth installment of the series, is finally done. It’s been rewritten, professionally revised, has a gorgeous cover courtesy of two amazing artists, and is good. to. go.

The print version…ain’t.

This is the thing: I was setting out to release the print book and the e-version at the same time. But while working on formatting the file for e-release, I found and fixed very tiny errors. Which means that the book has to be re-uploaded for print.

Which sucks, but what can I do? Perfectionist me is a perfectionist.

The e-book is fine. I did a sample conversion to check how it would look in Kindle format, and it passed with flying colors. I had to splice in a couple bits (Letter to the Reader, series list) and futz with the layout, but it should be fine, and it’s ready to get released, well…immediately.

You can see my quandary, can’t you?

So, ladies and gentlemen, a poll for you. Comment with an option.

Option 1:  Release the e-book now, then release the print version whenever CreateSpace approves it

Option 2: Release both at the same time, as soon as the print version is up to par.

Option 3: Release both on the scheduled release date, May 13th
Yes, I’m actually letting my fans take charge of the book release! The option with the most votes gets done. Have at it! Comment and tell me why, if you’d like.


PS: Gayle, your vote is tallied.


9 thoughts on “To Jump the Gun, or Not to Jump?

  1. Option 2: Release both at the same time, as soon as the print version is up to par.

    As much as I’d like to see it, I can understand wanting to be a perfectionist (I scour and scour things for typos or errors constantly when I write them. . . it’s a bad thing sometimes haha), but I imagine that fans that read in print are waiting just as anxiously as those who do in e-book format and would like to get it at the same time as the other so as to avoid the potential for spoilers. There are some people who aren’t considerate of spoiling things for others as was evidenced when some stores accidentally released GRRM’s a Dance With Dragons earlier than scheduled. . . and there were some of those who got ahold of it that took it upon themselves to try to spoil it for those who didn’t have it yet.

    1. You know, I agree. I haven’t even thought of the spoiler factor. I have no idea how wide my readership is, but the default answer is usually, “Wider than you think”.

      I think I will end up waiting and release the both of them simultaneously. I need to have several print copies on hand (promo & in-person sales…people already asked to buy the print…) and the e-version only takes a day to approve. It’s no skin off my back if they’re before May 13th, but I think I would like them to be available at the same time, roughly.

  2. I would release both on the scheduled release date if possible, May 13th. I mean, we’re only a few days away, so unless a big publicity deal is in play–why not wait nine days? The question is, will the print version be ready in a proper format by May 13th? I detect some ambiguity here…

    1. The print version will be ready well before then.

      I’m self-published…for me, the only publicity deal is the one I make myself.

      The thing is, I am attending an event on May 18th across the country, and people have already asked me for print copies. If the book is approved by May 13th, then it’s important for me to get those first few print copies in my hands by the time I’m on the plane. Between order, print, and shipping, I may not have them, and that will not do.

  3. I’d release the e-book, then the soft copy (if it were me) just to get the ball bouncing. I’m in the opposite boat, waiting for the prototype copy to arrive for my book, “The Orples Learn To Read”, so I can look it over prior to releasing it. Then, since I don’t know what I’m doing, I will pay KDP to turn that into an e-book to be released a week or so later. I don’t really think it matters in the long-run, either way. Good luck with your release! ;)

    1. Thanks. My main issue lies with getting about 7 promo copies turned around before May 17th, because the next day, they have to join me on a plane bound to Southern California.

      I think that, considering the votes in some of the writing groups I’m in, I would rather have them get approved simultaneously. It would be early next week, but it’ll work very well, and I can generate the buzz just as easily.

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