I can’t even tell you how ecstatic I am to be aboard a plane again.

I came to the conclusion that I’m not flying enough. I need to explore more cities, more destinations… Hopefully, with the real estate thing, I would be able to get myself enough money to actually do all the exploring I want.

This will be a productive flight, of that rest assured. If I don’t finish the screenplay on my way to California, then I am pretty confident that I will finish it on my way back. Same goes for the minor touch-ups to Book 4. Yes, maybe 3-4 typos… This is what happens when you do the editing at two in the morning in tax season.

Really, I ought to learn by now: if your brains are Swiss cheese, then you really, really, really should refrain from doing tasks that require your full attention. Else it will not be good.

But it is okay. As I said before, it’s a human endeavor, and a human labor. It will happen. Such is the nature of this work.

So. I’m somewhere over Illinois right now, going through the Great Lakes region. I’ve written a guest post for Kathleen Doyle, which I will link as soon as it goes up. I’ve also started putting together some author interviews for people who had contacted me about guesting here. So you guys will have a whole different mix of things coming up.

As to where I’m going? I’m once again chasing music in Newport Beach, CA! It’s time for the annual jazz festival, and I’m personally looking forward to a great reunion with friends, sweet CA sunshine, and some stellar music/photos.

I just need to actually force myself to stay awake  through the entire flight. This is only the first leg. I got so into my writing that my body started to remind me that it’s on a plane and every plane, without fail, has a soporific effect on yours truly. I am honestly fighting to stay awake!

Until next time…