Midair musings

I think that one of the best things a plane could have would be a scenery camera.

I’m very sure that I’m stating the obvious, but it’s cross-country flights like this one where I get reminded exactly why I adore flying as much as I do.

Taking off from NYC, I get a bird’s eye view of my own neighborhood, and yes, the skyline view. At night, that skyline view is phenomenal; all the lights and buildings seem to almost wink at you. And landing/taking off from Minneapolis, I would get a stellar aerial of a park. Can’t identify the park, considering I’m not from the Twin Cities, but the view of it coming in, of floating over it en route to the Tarmac – now that is great.

One of my favorites is of Coral Gables/Coconut Grove when I’m flying for a cruise. Believe me, if you watch CSI: Miami, it’s both exactly and nothing like it. Of course, none of the gold-cast that’s on the cam lighting, but the sun floods on all those in-ground pools, and for a second, it almost feels like you’re on set.

Of course, I’m typing this as the Grand Canyon is coming into view outside my window.

It’s definitely one of the best sights. Even from 35,000 feet up, you see the different layers of the rock, the grooves and valleys where water had taken thousands of years to carve them out. Once in a while, a crater or two. This region is one of the best earmarks for how old our world actually is, and it’s humbling. Considering I write sci-fi, it’s a confirmation as good as any that the universe is a vast and beautiful place indeed.

Views like these are easily the best part of a cross-country journey. I love the jazz fest I’m heading to, but this – the view, seeing nature at its finest, between the Rockies and the Canyon – has to be one of the best parts of the trip.

It makes me feel alive, so alive that I have few words to describe it..



2 thoughts on “Midair musings

  1. The two best views I ever had: flew right over Danali on the way to Toyko, and it was just out side my window, and my first flight into Hong Kong, landing at the old airport at night, and the last minute coming in low over the city.

  2. Sounds fabulous!

    I once flew over Chicago at night. It was not only breathtaking but enormous.

    Flying in to Sydney takes you right past the Opera House and Bridge.

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