A fabulous interview by Olivia, aka The Geeky Chic!

The Geeky Chic

Happy post 4th of July, my fellow geeky Americans!  To all of you who come from across the world, perhaps you will mirror our American festivities by celebrating your own freedom in some spectacularly geeky fashion.  I say to the citizens of the world this:  Hold up your comic books!  Wave your graphic novels in the air while dressed in cosplay attire.  Press down the “A” button repeatedly as you game!  Do you know what else you can do to enjoy that freedom?

Why, of course you do. You can settle in to learn a little bit more about the wonderful Katherine Gilrane. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Katherine this last half of a year.  She does many things including:  magically fixing finances, finding homes, crafting digital art, and the reason we are here today which is writing!   A series sure to set off fireworks…

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