On Taking a Hiatus/More on The Index Series

You may’ve noticed that, apart from the couple of posts on my day job, I’ve not been writing very much.

Unfortunately, that’s an in-general sort of nonwriting, because as of late, between being an active realtor and a very active freelancer – real estate income takes a lot of time and effort, and my bill collectors aren’t quite as understanding as my brokerage or myself – my free time and ability to write have evaporated. Between brokering and bookkeeping, I found myself working much longer hours, getting even less rest, and my muse decided that until I took an actual break – a genuine, real break – from things, it wasn’t going to happen.

And you know what happens when I get stressed, right? If you answer, “you get sick as a dog”, congratulations, you get a cookie. To those of you who know how bad my illnesses can get – don’t groan and pass the damn Ricola. :)

It was a good week, even though I was sick as all unholy crap. I actually started waking up refreshed, learned to prioritize and to stretch out my money (which has been more than paying off, considering real estate is commission-only and my freelancing is minute), and most of all, learned to relax. I stay up late much less than I used to, and am willing to forgo a long trip if it means getting in a bit more Z’s.

Some people may say, “Well, it’s you getting older”. Perhaps it’s true. I’m 27, yeah, but I’m no spring chicken, like I was at 21. At 21/22 I was willing to jump and go, wherever the muse calls. At 24, I started planning things a bit more in terms of distance, cash outlay, and value. At 27, I’m now valuing my trips and travels in terms of the energy it would take.

But lately, I’ve started looking at my books again, and doing so with some serious measure of where I want them to go. The beautiful part about this is, this time I’m using Scrivener, and there is a whole lot more perspective in terms of cohesion and outline. I don’t technically follow an outline, but I like to sketch out a plot summary, at the very least, just so I don’t get tangled in my own story. This happened before, and catching it while editing is a royal pain. Scrivener actually greatly helps in clarifying the tangled spots in the story and, even better, helps me keep track of the multiple arcs.

So what’s on the menu for the next full arc of The Index Series? *ahem, Ragan Whiteside, I’m looking at you when I’m writing this!*

One thing’s for sure: the characters have unraveled the mystery. They got to know exactly what happened that had led to this stage of events. They are a little older, a hell of a lot wiser…and they have to deal with the consequences. Every major upheaval has a consequence, especially here, mainly because some people take secrets to the grave, and others don’t stop until they get revenge.

That’s a hint, by the by. :)

Book 5 picks up with exactly where Book 4 had left off, and introduces a couple of new characters, and a couple of new concepts, too. For example, when does one start redefining what they’ve been taught? We see this a lot in people who, after copious soul-searching, realize that they’ve been taught a whole mess of BS about something. I have a character who is, as of right now, trying to reconcile that exact thing. It’s a very curious consideration, to boot.

There’s also another project on the horizon. Yes, again. But this time, I’m thanking a dear friend, who had asked me about having The Index as an audio series. I never thought about it, but the more I think on it, the more I like the idea. More on that as things continue to develop.

The Book 1 script is complete! If you’d like to read a copy, feel free to drop me a message. As a courtesy, I’m offering one to anyone who has picked up a copy of Book 1 on the promo day. And yes, I’ll do the script version of the other books.

And yes, taking a break feels very, very good. :)




3 thoughts on “On Taking a Hiatus/More on The Index Series

  1. Good! Sometimes a break really does help. I’m glad to hear you’ve been thinking a bit about the direction the books are heading now, and need to get on the ball reading the other two. I’ve been getting distracted by too many things. For now though, for you, the important part is don’t push too much. Let the stress fade a bit and all especially so you can stop getting sick. I pick up colds when stressed too and do I ever feel you right now. Have a good one!

  2. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries now and then. Raymond Chandler said, “The faster I write the better my output. If I’m going slow, I’m in trouble. It means I’m pushing the words instead of being pulled by them.”

    Push. Don’t pull.

    1. Indeed. Apart from writing, the stress had rendered me nonfunctional, basically. I would rather take some time out (even if it means struggling for a bit) and be productive. Burnout just doesn’t work.

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