And the Story Goes On…

After my life had finished taking its most recent twists and turns, I found myself feeling something very familiar.

You know how writers sometimes say that their characters come to them and poke at the imagination, and keep doing so until the story is written? I wouldn’t say that I experience that, but once in a while, I find myself thinking of one of my characters, and realizing…I left the story unfinished.

Have you ever had those instances where you parted ways with someone, only to realize that it’s not over yet? The truth is, it’s really not that different when it comes to writers and their characters. It’s the same sort of feeling. It’s the same sort of want to turn back and say those last few words hanging on your lips; the only difference is that you’re not exactly talking to a person, and it’s not just a few words. You’re continuing your story, and you’re talking to the world.

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I realized that I had stranded one of my prior main character, shunting him into a side role almost inadvertently, but he is actually a ticket to one of the things that are the most important in this arc. In fact, I’ve forgotten one massive part of the storyline arc, and it can’t go untouched. In fact, it will likely go and carry through the 3rd arc, after Origins are done.

A lot to do…a lot to do, but this is the sort of creative surge that I’ve gone too long without, and missed dearly.