The Obligatory Pre-NaNoWriMo post

Holy hell, where did the time go?

Seriously. I thought it was still August somewhere, but before I know it, Capital Jazz SuperCruise sneaks up on me, and here I am on Hallow’s Eve, and bracing myself for a month of frantic novel-writing, wherein I eke out 3K words a day until it absolutely kills me. Because I cannot write The Index Series in any. other. way.

In some ways, you may wonder, why wait until November? You can write a book whenever!

That is true. However, I am one of those odd types that need a challenge to work towards, and a group system to further support that challenge. NaNo provides both.

For those of y’all who may not know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is a self-challenge contest to crank out 50K words of manuscript in 30 days only.

I won it for six years in a row. There are millions of winners worldwide, but NaNo is a lot harder than most people would think. Yeah, you got 30 days – but consider how many words an average person can crack out in a day. It varies. And you have to gag your inner editor with a spoon while you do this, which for people with a massive perfectionism complex, such as myself, is next to impossible. Nonetheless, for six years in a row, I’ve won. And I’m about to make it seven for seven.

This, ladies and gentlemen, can be trouble of the highest kind. Why? I have a full-time job. I’m getting ready to move house. I have about…2,000 photos left to look through and revise from the cruise. I have an editing commission to take care of. And somehow, I’m squeezing in novel-writing in here?

No, I’m not insane. Yet. :) I think it’s time to revisit my favorite Starbucks and park myself there daily.

Plus, consider please that NYC has been devastated by a hurricane. The sole benefit to not going to work the past few days is that I have been able to put a dent into the photography. The cabin fever and, uh, lack of income, has been slowly killing me, though. My workplace is very understanding of the situation, considering that there is no subway service into Manhattan apart from maybe in Queens – and this means that I’d have to find a back route to Queens, considering that many of the roads are flooded and buses will take a small eternity due to traffic – but this is seriously, completely surreal. Not even in the horrendous blizzard of 2010 had things gotten that bad. It’s one thing if you can dig yourself out, but when the tunnels that carry the subway lines are flooded, as they are in this case, it puts the entire city to a massive grinding halt. For NYC, a city known for the hustle, bustle, and not having an off-switch to speak of, to suddenly be still because people are locked in their boroughs, this is a wholly surreal experience.

I now know how Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and New Orleans feel every year. Sandy is no Katrina, but it had the same effect.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us do away, once and forever, with the illusion that man has any power over nature. It has to be the most egotistical, naive, and frankly dumb mindset possible. We just saw, in stereo, that nature is forever the lady, queen, and mistress over us. We should work with it, respect it, and work around it, but never, ever, ever attempt to believe that we the humans are somehow superior. We are not. We will never be. This is only one in a series of examples of where we stand in the grand scheme of things. Let us never forget that nature rules over us, and forever will, not the other way around.