If you haven’t done it yet…


Yes, it’s a public service announcement. The election season being what it has been, I won’t let this go unsaid. Vote.

It’s standing on the line, punching a few buttons, filling out a form and scanning it, or whatever. But do it. Vote.

This right hasn’t always been around. The United States is still only 234 years old, and as far as other countries’ ages are concerned, it’s barely out of diapers. The United Kingdom, England, its parent country, is over a millennium old. Don’t think for a second that you leave the British Empire without fighting for it tooth and nail. That’s what your right to vote has been born from. Don’t forget that until the conclusion of the War of 1812, the British government hadn’t even recognized the US as a country. Your right to vote has been fought for time and again, and it’s still being fought over now.


Moreover so if you’re not a born citizen but got that way through naturalization. Moreover so if you are not white and male. Moreover so if you’re a woman. A college student. Someone who just hit 18 and is voting in their first election. For you, that right has been a dogfight through the years, and at no point had it stopped, if the suppression efforts (Florida, I’m looking at you) are any indication. You may laugh or scoff when people say “vote as though your lives depend on it” – well, they do. The president elected here will directly impact the course of the country for the next four years, and your life can change drastically over that period. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and tempt Murphy’s Law.

Ask yourself carefully what candidate is better for the country. Not just for you, but for the country. Use math, logic, and common sense. Do things add up? Does that person have a plan? Does that plan make logical sense when laid out in equation format?

Then go out there and cast. your. vote.

Otherwise, you lose any and all right to remark on politics in this country. Not participating in a government that depends on and responds to the public automatically voids your right to complain and remark on what the elected candidate has done or will do. You have the right to vote for a reason. In general world history, not exercising a right usually results in its cessation to exist. If you don’t vote because there’s “no one to vote for” – then write in your candidate, that’s why the space exists. If you do not vote, then you are stuck with whatever you get, and your right to complain is gone. Free speech nothing, this is pure and undiluted cause and effect. You had the chance to have a say, you didn’t, and now you reap the consequences. The First Amendment never once exonerated people from consequences to their action – or their inaction.

Vote. That’s your action.

That’s your right.




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