NaNoWriMo Post Time!!!

Whew! What a week…well, what two weeks it has been.

I will make no bones of it; Hurricane Sandy screwed NY up but good. I can’t say it enough: DONATE TO RED CROSS. Donate things to the local charities, whichever one will get your donations to the East Coast. People need your help, a lot. We had a hurricane and the regularly scheduled Nor’Easter  one after the next. This is NOT a good one-two punch, and highly reminds me of the Katrina/Rita slam in New Orleans. Right now, it’s just bad in NY…. I’m OK, but so many people are not.

That said, it’s November. And like every November, I do NaNoWriMo. This will be my seventh year doing it, and every year so far, I had won. This year, because of a huge number of factors playing a distraction, hurricane aftermath being one of them, I have no idea whether or not I’d be able to make it a 7-for-7 streak. If I do, then hey, hurrah!

But right now, even though I am distracted to high hell with moving (yes, Mom and I got a new apartment and I’m VERY happy about it) and my photography business (I am nowhere near done, ladies and gents, with the cruise photos!) what I am super-happy about is the fact that I’m getting right back into my story. Book 5 has been great to write, but Book 6 was a bit of a chore, mainly because even now, I had little idea as to which bits and pieces needed to go where. Right now, I’m only two chapters into getting Book 7 drafted, and I am feeling that excitement when I sit down and ask, “Now what happens?” – and I have an answer.

That’s the beautiful thing about writing a multi-arc story. Even if and when you feel it’s losing steam, it picks itself right back up and says, “You know it’s going to be interesting!” It might mean re-watching some old DVDs (ahem, Kill Bill) to get a good idea of how to write the tournament again, yes, that was a little spoiler right there, but I can manage that part easily enough.

I’m not sure how the story will end up going, and I probably won’t know until I write the final piece. But I do know this: Script 1 needs an edit. Script 2 needs to be written. And yes, both will be available for sale sooner or later. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have these made into film, but man, would I love to.

There’s a lot of possibilities, and a lot of work to do, and I’m just excited that, ten days in, I have a word count of almost 16,500, and there’s more left to write. :)

But first, to prep to move…