Rainy Days

From a prompts page: How do rainy days make you feel?

How funny that I should write this while it’s sunny outside and NYC is staring down the barrel of snow tomorrow.

Rainy days. They keep me inside, they make me hesitant to get out for, well, anything, even work in the morning, and yet I look forward to them. I look forward to them, especially when I don’t have to travel, because this means that I, finally, at long last, can devote some time to my house and myself.

A rainy day for me is, first and foremost, a chance to sleep. It could be construed as seasonal-affective disorder in a certain way, because whenever it rains, I get tired. Not just tired; I feel as though it’s fully and entirely possible for me to fall asleep walking. It’s a struggle to keep my eyelids open, right up until the rain starts to fall.

And once the rain breaks, I can pour myself a cup of coffee to alleviate some of the sleepiness, and get to work. That’s when I feel my most creative and most productive. I will clean and organize, knit, crochet, write, design, or just simply catch up on things, but I feel clear-headed, organized, and ready to go at it because I know, consciously and otherwise, that for as long as it rains and I’m not tempted to go outside, this is the perfect time to do what sunny days, a job, and distractions keep away from me.

When I travel, though, I tend to think more. Though I travel alone, I always take in what’s around me; I have my camera ready when and if I want to snap some shots of a beautiful city, or if I want to document a great concert, but I always look, and I always see. A huge part of why I take window seats on planes and buses, by the by. But when it rains, I look and don’t see. Instead, I look outside and retreat into my own head. A rainy day on the road is my time to sort out what’s inside my head. It’s a time to reflect, absorb, and think about what I’ve seen, and what I feel. If the inside of my head is a mess, I devote the time of rainy, gray scenery outside my window to unraveling the mess.

And as ever, I think in musical terms, and the best song for a rainy day and how it makes me feel belongs to Paul Taylor, from his 2002 Steppin’ Out release. The song’s name is On The Move. And really, it’s the perfect way to describe how I feel on a rainy day: contemplative, creative, introspective… Enjoy.



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  1. I have been living in Florida for 20+ years. I still miss the change of seasons. When I lived in Sweden I did not like rainy days, as the beautiful days seemed few and far between. In Florida as we have a surplus of sunny, blue sky days, I LOVE rainy days. It is a great time to create indoors! The gray skies feel romantic and full of energy. I especially like rainy thunderstorm days!

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