Ends, Means, and In Betweens

You may’ve heard it asked aplenty. “Do the ends justify the means?”

Now I’ll ask you the same question that my character, Kataria, is facing: which means will justify your end?

This is actually the sort of a dilemma that I’ve directed my characters into, especially with Book 7. We already know that if the means don’t justify the end, then perhaps the end goal is not worth it, but what about if you have an ultimate end goal in mind? What means will you undertake if you already decided on your end result?

This theme echoes a lot of things in my life, and a major streak of mine is to go for whatever it is I am wanting at the time, with little regard to what the effect on others will be. It’s something that I have largely exercised myself out of, if only in respect to considering others, but when it comes to maintaining focus on something I really want to do, or to have, then there’s little that can be done to dissuade me from that path. I’m one of the most goal-oriented individuals you will ever come across. Like with most of my travels: I will pay towards whatever trips I will take with a single, singular determination. The bottom line that I put before myself is, “I will go on this trip, by hook or crook.” Everything else is jut a matter of how, and I’ve gotten myself into more than one tight spot in trying to achieve it. It taught me a lesson in money management, for sure, and it also taught me to pace myself. But above all, it taught me that the means I undertake do justify the end – in only this case, though.

But that’s just traveling and budgeting. There are certain other end goals for which I am nowhere near as scrupulous. Protecting myself and my own? I have very little limit. Protecting people I love? Trust me, you don’t want to cross friends of mine unless you actually want my wrath. Protecting my business and my integrity? I get vicious. There’s certain things – and certain people – whom I will protect by means that most other people will shy away from.

One of my characters, Kataria, who started as a member of the supporting cast in Book 3 and slowly evolved to the main stage in Books 5 and 6 – both of which are to be released later on – has to face this exact dilemma. She has to protect something important to her. She has to protect it in a war. But if she wants to succeed in making herself safe, she has to do something that will risk losing everything that she’s striving to protect.

So does she go through with it?

Would you go through with it? Would you do something that you’d never ordinarily agree with otherwise in order to protect what’s important to you?

Food for thought, folks.