Writing prompt again/Character Growth

From the NaNoWriMo facebook group: One of your characters has just achieved the victory they’ve been working towards. Flashbulbs go off, reporters flood in, all clamoring to know, “You just did what no one thought you could. What are you going to do now?”

The sisters exchange cool looks. Kataria takes a deep breath, and says, speaking for both of them, “I think I’ll get a good night’s sleep. There’s still more to do tomorrow.”

I like the question, but I think I like this hypothetical answer even more. “There’s still more to do tomorrow.” Considering that at the time of her introduction to the series, Kataria would have never said this, never mind actually gone into public service that did not include that much of a warring capacity with a direct leading benefit to herself, this makes me go back and have another glance or two at the progression of character growth through my own books.

I often say that my story has written itself, and right now, I’m seeing just to which extent that’s true. It has not so much as written itself in regards to plot, but the characters had seemingly taken control over their own growth process. For being from outer space, they’re very human-like; some more self-serving than most, but all of them dealing with very, very human problems. And the thing is? They’re dealing.

Even to go back to Book 1, which I have been working to re-release, the growth is evident. Arriella was not dealing with anything at the time. She stepped out of her boundaries in more than one regard, why? – because she didn’t want to confront and deal with the truth that turned her established, steadfast life upside down. She didn’t want to go forward, because staying where she was was a comfortable idea. By the end of the first arc, she was still not dealing. By the second arc, she had no choice, and found out the hard way that there are certain things that you just have to do. Dealing with your problems is at the top of the list.

And the number-one thing that both Arriella and Kataria had to deal with was the simple fact that because they are who they are, because they’re in a position of power, because they’re in a position of leadership, their work does not stop. They achieved one thing. They achieved what they needed to – at the time. But just like our own, very human lives go on and bring us fresh challenges and goals, theirs do too.

They just involve a lot more than ours.