It’s November 1st. Do you know where your author is?

If you’re reading this now, there’s a pretty solid chance that you may want to wish me a bon voyage.  My plane is doing the pre-wheels up routine and is taxiing away from the gate, taking me onto yet another adventure.

But photography aside, for a moment, let’s talk November 1st. NaNoWriMo.

Come on, did you really think I’d pass it by? Compulsive writer is compulsive.

This year, I’m taking The Index in a different direction. I’ve long thought about writing my characters’ back stories, but couldn’t think of a way to work them in. The thought of interspersing a past story with the present has crossed my mind, but on second thought, I find it to be completely impractical. So I figured I’d dive right in and make an arc out of it. I have laid down enough groundwork in Books 1-7 (with 5-7 yet to be released) to work through a more than decent back story arc for all the characters involved.

Did I plan my story?

Oh, gods, people, don’t make me laugh. I didn’t have the time to breathe, never mind to actually plan a story. But I do have the very basic idea of what I want to do. The question remains of just how far back I want it to go. If I take it back too far, it’s going to become like J.R.R. Tolkien: long-winded, and while it’ll make a great film adaptation, it’ll be incredibly unreadable. So I figured that it’s in my best interests to just make it a straight-up arc. A nice, straight-up arc of stories, about 4 books, that spans the characters’ back stories. One per character, maybe two in some particular cases.

And Book 8 shall be the back story of Rhyssius. And Morrhia. I know some of my people loved Morrhia as a bad girl, so I think I’ll write a little bit about how she came to be. We’ll see what develops. I’ll lay down the beginnings of the story when I land.

But right now, it’s almost wheels up, and the incredibly soporific effect of the plane is taking hold.

Happy writing to my fellow Wrimos!