In Memoriam: Carol Ray

I got the news yesterday, and only now my brain has managed to engage long enough to process this.

If you have seen Nick Colionne perform, chances are Carol Ray was one of the people you met at the meet-and-greets. She was his manager, close friend, mentor. To us jazz fans, she was a great friend, and to those of us getting into the behind-the-scenes work of the music world, she was an inspiration.

She was a fighter down to her core, and I was looking forward to maybe seeing her at Smooth Jazz for Scholars with Nick, or somewhere else on the road…The jazz world had lost one of their best and brightest behind-the-scenes stars yesterday. She is loved and missed by everyone who met her, in person, online, on the phone…

I’m glad to have met her. I’m glad to have worked with her. I’m glad that, on the Capital Jazz Supercruise last year, she told me very firmly to never, ever be shy about making sure my work gets its dues. Few people are as tough and as astute as Carol, and she was one in a million indeed.

My heart goes out to Carol’s family, and to Nick. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

In Memoriam, dear friend. Shine on.


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