In Memoriam: Ricky Lawson

There have been originally premature reports on Facebook. But now…it’s true. Ricky Lawson has, in fact, passed away, after a period of time on life support following an aneurysm.

RadioFacts article linked here. Confirmation also received previously from people close to the family.

What can I say about Ricky that you’ve not already known? His work with the Yellowjackets? Whitney Houston? The Funk Brothers? The Pointer Sisters? His resume speaks for itself, certainly, but if you’ve known Ricky, or met him all of once, you’d always remember that smile. It was infectious. He was warm, open, and had the gift of making anyone at ease. You forget his resume and think of him as a member of your family.

He was family to a lot of us. And he always took time with new musicians and projects. You may have seen him as part of the Groove Messengers over the summer, with Will Donato and JJ Sansaverino.

I can only say that I wish I had seen him more often. But that’s part and parcel about being on opposite coasts. His energy and smile will be missed by all. But he remains with us, and lives on with his music and in people whom he had inspired along the way.

In Memoriam, friend. The jam session in the sky just got a lot groovier with you there.¬† It’s a bittersweet Christmas Eve today.


PS: In light of the premature reports on FB last week, I would also like to ask this of my readers: please wait until there’s a verified source before posting a memoriam. All the premature reports have put a lot of people through the emotional meat grinder, and I cannot even think about what this has done to his family. Please wait until there’s an obituary, or someone who has been in the hospital with the person has confirmed. Originally, I have put up a Facebook memoriam myself last week, and that’s on me. I should’ve known better than to do so without verification.

Let’s all hug our friends a little closer this Christmas, and my sole resolution for the coming year is thus: to see as much of my music family as I possibly can. This has been a tough year for loss, and we’ve lost too many dynamic, talented, amazing people already. I will certainly hug my music family a little closer at each gig I shoot…


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Ricky Lawson

  1. I appreciate everything you have said about my friend and classmate. I thank you for reminding others, unless you know for sure please do not post what you perceive to be true. I, along with many others, to include the class of 1972 and 1973 we are sadden by the lost of our beloved brother. I proclaim, that he’s resting in peace, knowing the legacy he’s left behind. With sincere and deepest sympathy to his family and all who knew and loved him.
    Teresa Crocker (Amos)

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