That sound you hear is my scream of rage

The student loan bill? Blocked. To no surprise, I’m sure.

And let me guess, the same talking heads will wonder collectively en masse why young people aren’t saving for retirement or buying homes or moving out of their parents’ houses, or just happy to take a minimum wage job.

And you wonder why I am a very strong advocate for reconsidering college in favor of tradework? And you wonder why I’m pissed off about the fact that no matter how far ahead of the starting line I get it’s always like I’m right at the beginning? And you wonder why thirty-somethings continue living like college grads? And you wonder why even the military veterans, who get out of the war with the GI bill and PTSD, don’t want to go to college because they fear the GI Bill won’t pay all of their tuition?

These idiots who are populating the House of Representatives have no basic concept of cause and effect. They don’t get that if you have too much of one debt, you’re not going to reduce your take-home cashflow by deferring income to retirement or paying a mortgage. They don’t understand that cost of living keeps rising, and has been rising at an alarming pace, and that income for those of us below a certain tax bracket has not kept pace with that inflation. 

They don’t understand because they don’t have to. Neither do the financial talking heads who collectively scratch their heads at lack of new mortgages but smile and deny a low-interest refinance on student loans in the same breath. They don’t get why there’s no retirement accounts, but if a cosigner can’t help out, they will gladly demand the whole amount. They won’t even forgive the debt if the student dies without a petition.

They don’t have to struggle, they don’t have to job-hunt, they don’t have to stretch a budget to the breaking point, and who gets fucked over because they just don’t see the point of making a minor concession? We do. Everyone does. Everyone who’s not rich or doesn’t have rich parents. The real world isn’t what you see in newspapers and on CNN/Fox/Talking Head Channel Du Jour. 

I don’t think the English language can sufficiently capture just how angry I am right now.


The Great Loan Post is here; I wrote it just a couple days before this.


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