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“The Boomerang Generation Is Staying”.

Gee, thanks, NY Times. Way to say the obvious – again – about grads so mired with student loans that they’re living at home for years to come.

It’s another very token article. The same head-talking about the lack of economic opportunity, the naive-and-unrealistic outlook that starting a business is the best way to get out of it, the same yammer about inequality – so on and so forth. And of course, there’s the very slight tone of condescension throughout, with making the people who are stuck in that position look like lazy, unfocused moochers who would bartend and bag food and maybe now that they’re back with mommy and daddy, they can focus on their goals.

Give me a break.

The fact that there are not enough good jobs to go around is mentioned and promptly glossed over.

No mention of the legislative bullshit surrounding loan reform. There was a fantastic bill that would’ve helped up on the House floor, and it got blocked. Not a whisper of Obama’s executive action either.

No mention of the rise in college costs.

No mention of the degrading of the value of college education.

No mention what-the-fuck-soever of cost of living being wildly disproportionate to salary. Hey, not everyone owns their own home and can put up their adult college-grad kid. In some cases, the kid and the parent are both trying very hard to not get an ulcer worrying about how to afford rent in a couple years.

I emailed the author and pointed out everything that he’s not saying. I don’t expect a reply, but I think it’s about time I started calling out the talking heads for not offering any real solutions, or even discussing the ones already offered. No changes without pots being stirred, I think, and I’ve had e-nough of these articles. If you can’t offer a solution, then shut up. We all know already. Our parents know too. There’s no need to rehash the same exact thing over and over ad nauseum.

The great student loan post I wrote before is here.



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  1. You know I agree with everything you pointed out and disliked that article. Utter nonsense meant to be along the same incorrect information spread as when certain news affiliates covered the Occupy protests.

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