One other thing about Ray Rice…

I won’t repost what I put up on my Facebook page. That post is public, and it said everything I needed to say clearly enough. 

If you want to know where I get my info, know this: I have a degree in criminal justice. I’m certified in analyzing scum a lot worse than Ray Rice in caliber. 

But if you’re still aiming to defend Ray Rice, then do me one little favor:


Explain this view of yours to your daughter. 


Explain your opinion on the matter to your daughter, no matter the age. Explain this to your mother, your sister, your female cousin, your wife. Explain this to the female in your life, who, whether you know it or not, has probably encountered abuse in relationships already, that you would never have known about because your opinions already show where you stand. 

Explain it to your daughter.

Explain to your daughter that if she marries a man and he hits her, it must’ve been something she did, because if she “goes after him”, then she is getting whatever she’s got. Explain to your daughter that if she will marry a wealthy man, then he has the right to treat her as a punching bag. Explain to your daughter that no matter how bad the violence gets, people like yourself will always blame her, no matter how bruised she is, and ask from their comfortable perches why she didn’t leave him, even though she was probably abused on an emotional basis well before it ever got physical. 

Explain all this to your daughter. 

And tell me her reaction, too.



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