Trials and Tribulations of Traveling, The Series – 2

Oddly enough, I’m thinking of a Sex and the City episode of Season 6, when Charlotte York was getting married to Harry Goldenblatt, and the entire wedding seemed to go the way of Murphy’s law. Wine stain, check, glass can’t get broken, check, spilled pearls of bracelet nearly causing a fall, check… and Carrie steps in to say, “Maybe the worse the wedding, the better the marriage!”

Now, how does this relate to traveling, you may ask?

Similar principle: the more stressful the pre-cruise prep, the better the cruise!

I will not, ever, fault Capital Jazz, let me just say. There’s a reason that they’re the cruise series that I’ve been with since 2010; they are very! spot on with everything they do.

So when I didn’t get my travel-pak email, which should’ve arrived this past Friday, I didn’t panic, but now, with only ten days to get through before I have to fly, I’m getting more and more antsy.

Again: it’s not CapJazz’s fault at all. I called them up, and come to find out, this wasn’t the first time that this thing happened, nor was I the only one. My friend Kathy, who is joining me this year on the boat, got hers just a few hours after I called, and I made sure to inquire for the both of us. So I know, with all the faith I put into the crew of CapJazz, that all will be OK.

What I feel right now is a combination of everything I always feel before I’m about to take off on the cruise. “Did I pack everything?” “Am I going to get X, Y, Z done before I fly out? Is everything going to be OK with A, B, C?” Anxiety of getting things done, the unbelievable excitement of being aboard that cruise – never fails! – and the stress of getting everything lined up.

And I’m discovering, yet again, that there is a price to pay for early prep, and I was afraid of this: my camera bag has A Problem. Oy vey.

I packed up the cam bag last night. I had one final shoot on Saturday, dumped the memory card, then disassembled the rig and plunked it all into my lovely backpack, and wrested my laptop inside. My big laptop. I’m now starting to get second thoughts as to how I’m going to do this, because while this laptop is designed for exactly the sort of transit that I prepped it for, the minute I put the combined thing on, my back said, in no uncertain terms, “WTF is WRONG with you?!”

…..yeah, problem.

This is the thing: I can comfortably carry the backpack as it is, and once I pass security, I’ll stow the kit and caboodle in the overhead (and woe to the fool who thinks I’ll check my camera). But between that point and the other point, it’ll certainly be, well, interesting. I have had a back injury before, and while I lift weights (and people too), I cannot carry heavy things for a prolonged period of time. It’s a good backpack for exactly the configuration I’ve set up but, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite feel as effective as it ought to be. And the last, last thing I want is have to go case-shopping right before the big trip.

Thing is, I can just as comfortably take my usual computer bag (also a backpack) and pack the messenger bag with my camera stuff. Either way, laptop goes in the bin, cam bag stays with me.

But not a discovery I wanted to make 10 days before fly time!

Well, you know what they say: when the going gets tough, the tough get creative. I have complete confidence I’ll be able to get this together, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t stressing. I like having things lined up well before it’s time to depart, and this is nowhere near the definition of “lined up”.

But again, the only person to blame for this? Myself. I have to take responsibility where it is due. I’ll test-drive the other backpack, and if that’s a more comfortable way to go about it, then I’ll go with what works.



2 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations of Traveling, The Series – 2

  1. I’m headed off to one of the destinations on my dream list come November. I was so glad to catch your travel series in time as it’s given me some great tips and such toward prepping for my trip. In light of this post, I’ll be testing out my carry-on to make sure I can indeed, carry it. The weight of all I want to pack didn’t even occur to me so thanks for the heads up :-).

    1. Yeah, I only realized last night that I was going to have a Major Problem with my carry-on being as-is. So I will now get to repack my gear, but fortunately, camera bags are customizable. :) I’m sure I can manage with my computer case, too.

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