For Jeff. For Us.

Now I’m home. It’s a new year, and I’m waking up and thinking that if this is the way the year started, then it’s twice as important to make it count.

It’s still difficult to believe. Still tough to absorb that Jeff is gone, that the sound of his guitar is now limited to Youtube videos, CDs, radio stations – whichever ones are left – and our own memories. I will miss that smile. I’ll miss the conversation after a gig.

But it’s a strong reminder to us that tomorrow is not a promise. That our friends aren’t always going to be there with us. It’s a reminder to take care of our own, to always tell them you love them, to always see that show, make that trip work, to just be there – because there may not be a next time.

There is a show at BB King’s. It was originally planned as a fundraiser, and it still remains as such, but now it’s a tribute show as well. And I ask you, especially my readers from the opposite coast, to please board a flight for this show. I know how expensive travel is, but if you are a jazz fan, if you were a friend of Jeff’s, I think it’s hugely important that you are there for this show. It is for the family, and for Jeff himself. This is to make sure that his family will not be bankrupted by Jeff’s medical expenses, and to pay homage to one of the finest musicians jazz had to offer.

Tickets are here:

It’s an all-star lineup.

But most importantly, it’s for Jeff. And for us. This is for us to remember a great person and musician, and to remember that tomorrow is not always promised, and that we owe it to ourselves – and to Jeff too – to keep going, keep listening, and thrive. It’s important to live – really live – and to drink in the small moments.

We love you, Jeff. We miss you.

I’ll see you guys at the gig.