Follow-up to Maxwell & the Seven Seas

ETA: Since the original draft of this post, some people did succeed in getting refunds via dispute filing. That is encouraging news.

As usual, standard disclaimer for this being only and strictly my opinion.


There have been several phone calls made to BTW Concerts, with no results. Per CruiseCritic – same thread as previous post – someone else was offered credit for a future event in lieu of a refund.

Really? Flights too? Because I’m confident people booked flights for this thing, and last I checked, those are nonrefundable! What I would like to know is how those future events are going to take place. Because frankly, I don’t see it.

See the prior post. See the Royal Caribbean terms of service. In the event of a cancellation, Royal will draw on the letter of guaranteed credit;  if that’s the case, then BTW is likely to be held liable for 5.6M less whatever was paid in so far, and seeing as the cancellation was their fault, squarely, they are definitely on the hook for the refunds as well. Any attorney will argue this. With this much debt leveraged on the company, how exactly will they ever put on another event? I’d like to know how Cancun Jazz Fest is going to happen.

Who will sponsor any future event by them after the fiasco that this cruise has turned out to be for consumers? I really want to know how they’re planning on continuing to stay in business with that sort of a liability. I have no idea.

I find the recalcitrance on refunds to be troubling, especially considering that the Cancun Jazz Fest is in the works.

You don’t leave people out of money and hanging. Just…no.

I remember, not long ago, when another event has gone under, and know what that promoter did? Talked to the people who bought tickets and advertising space individually and made sure to refund everyone, regardless of how long it took. He spoke to people, explained what was what, asked them to bear with him for time, but he made sure that everyone was square, even if it took months. That is integrity. Refunding people for an event in case of its cancellation is something the promoter should’ve thought of when they knew that this cruise wasn’t going to happen.

If I could see it from the outside, I’m confident that BTW saw it much earlier. And unrelated, but kinda related – thanks all for the activity on the original post on this entire fiasco; your sharing the post will help to ensure that others won’t be similarly burned.

Big thanks to the folks of CruiseCritic, who I’m sure found their way here too. Your help and resources have been invaluable.


ETA: There was a story on NBC News in California about this. Link here: I will note that David Payne may or may not be the head of BTWConcerts, though my guess is that he’s an affiliate of Payne Pest Management, who is a major title sponsor to a lot of festivals and music events in the Southern CA area.


7 thoughts on “Follow-up to Maxwell & the Seven Seas

  1. Thank you for your diligence in bringing these situations to light – it’s refreshing to read information by someone who does the actual fact finding and presents supporting intel. Wow.

    1. Thank you. It’s very important to me to do this sort of thing. Few people are willing or are in the position to stand up and say, “This is NOT RIGHT!” The jazz world is family to me; I met a lot of amazing people and have had great opportunities thanks to it. And if I don’t hold the shady activity to account – who will?

      That and it keeps the business side of the music world honest. Promoters need to know that there’s at least one person out there who will call them out. This way they can’t go on to screw over other people.

      1. Along those same lines, I’ve learned a lot from your posts about what type of music really constitutes as jazz. Fortunately, I’ve never confused R&B with jazz and it saddens me to see the number of acts that get associated with jazz that have NO ROOTS or even affiliation with the genre. By that same token, I’ve obviously still been mislead. If you ever wonder what to write about next (wink), I’d love a jazz tutorial so I’ll know who to listen out for. You mention some folks I know from growing up with a jazz lover in the home, but it’s been well over 30 years since that entry level education. I could use a definite refresher, particularly when it comes to whose doing what these days.

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