A little bit of good news.

I would definitely like to post some sort of Good News after the brouhaha with the prior. And the good news du jour is that NYC is, once again, the place to be for music.

First gig off the top of my head – the Blue Note, Feb. 23rd – JJ Sansaverino & Friends, with the friends in this case being Marcus Johnson, Joey Sommerville, and Elan Trotman, definitely one of the better shows to attend. I’m looking at this and I’m even thinking, get Jeff Bradshaw in there and the Blue Note will never be the same again. Those of y’all who read this and attend CapJazz probably know what I mean. If not, you want to get Joey’s new album.

Also at the Note, Gato Barbieri – the next day actually! And again at the end of March.

Week before my birthday in May – Stanley Clarke. July, at the end – Earl Klugh.

We have Brian Culbertson coming back to BB King’s – pity it’s April 10th, I may be tied up with work, but I’ll make every effort to be there with camera ready.

Incognito too, at BB King’s. Marcus Miller too.

Now this is what I’m talking about, folks; not sure where to go because there’s just so damn much to do.

Major photo commitments, so far, are:

– Smooth Jazz for Scholars 2015 – my second year  on camera duty.

– Smooth Jazz New York series – hometown, gotta be there.

– London, UK – I’ll actually photo-blog the entire trip. The concert photos will be separate; seeing as I’m in a new city for a significant amount of time, I may want to actually take some time to immerse myself. There will be shows, including the Thames river boat cruise with Jeff Lorber Fusion – kind of the UK version to SJNY.

– Capital Jazz SuperCruise 2015 – shooting independently, though if anyone from Cap staff is reading this…my camera is at your service. :)

Comparing to last year, this so far is pretty great. SJNY and Marquee hadn’t yet rolled out their lineup for the series, but that is for later.

And soon, I’m going off to shoot the wine festival – tonight!!