Happy Anniversary!

Today, one of the biggest jazz events in the country kicks off, celebrating 25 years, and kinda-unofficially kicking off the jazz fest season.

Berks Jazz Fest, Reading, PA. Two straight weeks of music to follow from today, and the lineup is a mix of sub-genres of jazz, local and national artists, jam sessions, and so on. New and established stars. High-school bands. This is what it’s all about.

Edit – wrong about the timespan of the fest; I accidentally included the pre-fest events in the timespan. Actual span of the fest is from today thru 4/19/15.

Best of all, it’s an all-100%-jazz fest. Straight no chaser.

Of course, I can’t be there for the first chunk of it, but the second chunk – the weekend that’s falling after April 15th, because of course, work and tax-flinging – is mine. I’ve not been at Berks since 2010, and I missed it tremendously. I can’t begin to tell you just how excited I am about coming back.

2010 through 2015… Yeah. My life turned around in that stretch of time, and jazz music is very squarely at the root of those changes, all of which have been key in my personal development, growth, business acumen and general progress. There’s a lot that I owe to this genre. A lot.

It’s only fitting that I make it back for the 25th Anniversary. One of my very first music-related blog posts that has gotten any sort of a buzz was the one of my reflections on it from back then. I didn’t think that blogging about music was anything significant.

Obviously… was I ever wrong.

And I’m happy to be wrong. I have absolutely no problem admitting when I miscalculated something. I’ve been writing online in various iterations and avenues since I was about…14? 15? Blogging is a natural form of expression for me. And finally getting the guts to take my writing to a public medium, such as WordPress – I used to keep it pretty tightly locked down before – I really was counting on the fact that there are thousands of bloggers out there, and I’d be buried in the shuffle.

Again, I was wrong. And this blog has also changed my life in a fair few ways too.

To go back to Berks is kind of a homecoming, kind of revisiting my roots.

Happy Anniversary, John Ernesto, Berks Arts Council, sponsors, artists, and guests. Happy Silver Anniversary, and I shall see you very soon!

And now, another tax return. :)