In Memoriam: Prince

Yet another post that I have a very hard time believing I’m even typing out, but there we go… *long sigh*

We all know who he is. We all know Purple Rain. We all know his masterful showmanship. His stellar band has given us jazzheads Candy Dulfer, and our own Marcus Anderson had a stint with him as well.

And… just like that. Gone.

Here’s what gets at me, and maybe it’s me trying to rationalize it to some degree, but there were some articles stating that he had the flu for several weeks prior to this? And then he had to be rushed to the hospital after an emergency landing? That’s no ordinary flu. Flu-like symptoms can signal anything.

Either way… he’s gone.

This year, man. Just… this year.


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Prince

  1. Truly sad day indeed. I can’t stop listening to Purple Rain.

    As for the flu, it could’ve started out as the flu and got worse. We know that the flu in people of certain ages(usually those in his age range or children) can be downright deadly even if it doesn’t progress into something else.

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