So Trump is the only GOP candidate now…

I refrained from political commentary for some months, but…well, life tends to throw you some monkey wrenches. Such as this one.

I don’t think there are sufficient words to fully encompass how completely horrified I am by this development, but I can’t say I’ve not seen this coming. Ted Cruz would’ve been disqualified by virtue of his Canadian birth and citizenship at birth. Kasich’s record on policies and rights issues is absolutely atrocious, but he just confirmed his exit yesterday.

So what does this leave? Trump vs. Hillary or Bernie, whoever gets the nod for the nomination on the Dem side in July.

…I got nuthin’. Really, I can make a sarcastic remark or issue a witticism on nearly anything, but this just defies description. I’ve got no way to give this any levity, just on the account that 1. this fucking happened already in the past hundred years of living history!! with disastrous results and 2. this is a direct result of not addressing this country’s disgusting history of racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and uneducated assholishness early and nipping it in the bud.

Please don’t say that it wasn’t like that before Obama. Obama’s election only ripped off the rose-colored glasses of the illusion that it wasn’t like that. It was like that all along, but the racism and bigotry directed at the President was what brought it into the open.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said it right: hate is a direct result of inadequate education. Quote is paraphrased, but the paraphrase takes nothing away from the truth. The flaws in the education system in the US are numerous, and I won’t get into that debate here… but I will fully put the blame on the uneducated, the racists, the zealots, and the bigots for giving rise to Trump as a candidate. Because he played them masterfully, played them for the fools that they are, and they’re not smart enough to know they’re being played.

Let no one tell you Trump is stupid. He is no one I want to ever see in any position of power, not even as a store manager. But stupid – no, no, no, he’s not. He’s every last bit a salesman: he plays on people’s insecurities, he plays to their wounded egos, and he will happily laugh all the way to the bank if they buy what he’s selling. It takes a deep, instinctual knowledge of psychology that only true narcissists and predators have, to see the chinks in the personality armor of whomever they’re targeting. NYC real estate was perfect for Trump as a career path; I’ve worked in that field all of two months before I realized I was too honest to hack it there. But people like Trump? That’s their mecca.

And that’s the GOP frontrunner. A salesman. A manipulative con artist, to put it more bluntly.

It leaves us, as a country, a global laughingstock.

I won’t mince words on this. Sorry and not sorry. There was a meme not long ago, a Twitter screencap that says that the rest of the world is seeing this as America’s IQ test, and that it’s not looking good. Well – it’s looking even worse now.

And again, I find myself saying what I said when Trump became a viable candidate in the first place: on behalf of the sane people in this country, I sincerely apologize for this travesty being foisted on the rest of the world.

While I’m no fan of Hillary on account of her affiliations, if she wins the nomination, she will get my vote. No questions there. The consequences of a Trump election are too ghastly to contemplate.

Not that I’ve not started preparing for that particular possibility… *sigh* Yeah, Canada is on the menu. So is England. So is Australia. So are…a  lot of places, to be honest, because I can’t think of staying in a Trump America. I’m sorry, I can’t.

Because my family already had to leave one country because the political and civil situation got too dire to be survivable, I have some experience in what it’s like to relocate. And guys, I will say this in no uncertain terms: if you think Trump will not be that bad, you are kidding yourself. This is someone who has no concept or no preparation for anything but riling up crowds and wheeling-dealing for money. We are going to be completely, abjectly screwed as a people, because that rich fool has absolutely no concept of what life is like for people who are not rich and foolish like him. Privilege breeds contempt, and boy howdy, there is plenty of that within that clan.

And okay, you’ll tell me, “Trump will never win!” To you who think that, I say wake up – he already did. He is already the only nominee for the GOP. He’s already one step away. He’s. Already. Most of the way. There. It’s now on the people and the votes to make sure he never gets to the White House.

And there I was thinking that last year was the shittiest year so far…. oh no. Murphy’s Law isn’t done yet.