I must probably be the only person who thinks that Janet Jackson’s pregnancy is a bad idea.

Everyone is all, “OMG, so happy for her!” Happy why, exactly? That she’s having a baby? Guys… stop and think about it. She’s almost fifty. The odds of her having a healthy baby on her own are slim. And by slim I mean you have to be kidding me slim. Seriously, guys: there is such a thing as an expiration date on when a woman can have a healthy child. Most women hit that when they’re past their thirties, and after that, the odds of carrying a pregnancy without issues to the mother such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, uterine rupture (yes, it happens) and/or death in labor (yes, that happens too, and 1 in 13,000 is the current stat) are extremely. fucking. slim.

Let’s also not forget that the odds of autism, developmental disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, etc. in the child go up exponentially with the age of the mother. Because the older the mother is, the more likely that her reproductive system and genetics are not what they used to be when she was, say, 18. For all the railing society does against young mothers, they are, medically speaking, the most likely ones to have a healthy baby and to survive labor with minimal issues.

So she’s putting herself and her unborn child at risk… why?

On a non-personal level, please consider that overpopulation really is the elephant in the room when it comes to global sustenance. The population right now is past 7 billion people. Global warming will make parts of this world completely uninhabitable, some parts are already on the way to that, and it’s something that will be out of control  if not curbed and fast. And what about food/water supply? We’re already seeing droughts, and we know very well that food supply isn’t infinite. With the way that water supply is not protected, what do you think will happen to farming on a global scale? Come on.

And that’s the world Janet is deciding to bring her child into.

Not to mention that the child does have to grow up having to explain that that’s not Grandma, that’s Mom.

Consider this: the only reason Janet Jackson is getting this much in accolades and attention is because 1. she’s a Jackson and 2. she’s wealthy. Seriously. Reproduction, in and of itself, is not a miracle. It simply is not. Anyone can reproduce, any living creature can reproduce. And it’s not a right, or a privilege – it’s a biological function. And women all over the country are, right now, wasting thousands upon thousands of dollars to get pregnant, when there are children all over the country who are waiting to be adopted. All because “It has to be my own”. As though no one else is good enough but your own genetics, and the actual relationship of a parent with a child means nothing if it didn’t come out of their own uterus.

And that’s an attitude that, quite personally, I find appalling. If a person isn’t capable of loving a child unless it came out of their genetic code, then that person has no business having a child, period. Some of the best family ties I have with people who are not blood family, and some of the worst pain I’ve felt was at the hands of people who are biologically related to me. DNA means precisely nothing.

As a childfree woman, I have to hear a lot of flak about how I’m selfish for not wanting to reproduce. But who’s more selfish: me, and women like me, who chose to devote their lives to goals and pursuits that do not involve reproduction, or women like Janet Jackson, who would spend money to put themselves and their unborn child at risk for the sake of “having my own baby”? Really. Who’s more selfish here? I’ve yet to hear one good reason to have a child that doesn’t start with “I want” or “God” or the Bible. None of which are exactly selfless.

Janet Jackson is a wealthy, talented woman who has, so far, lived her entire life in the spotlight, who has had no time to have a child before and, considering her music career has had no signs of slowing down, will probably never have the time for that child. And what will that child be? Yet another baby of privilege born to being raised by a small army of nannies and caregivers until he or she will be old enough for the spotlight. And considering that the Jackson kids never even had a chance to be normal kids in the first place because of their lives in showbiz – and where did it get Michael, huh? – then what life, exactly, will that child have?

All that glitters is not gold.

I feel sorry for Janet Jackson. And I feel sorry for her child, because if there’s a chance it will come into the world healthy, it will live its entire life in the spotlight as an offspring of the Jacksons. And we’ve already seen what the spotlight does to people. We have already lost enough good people to it.

It’s not a fate I would ever wish on any person.