One thing I’m glad for is getting back into a regular blogging rhythm. Because I know that the more i blog, the more likely I am to dive back into The Index and get back to my fiction writing. When I’m not writing/editing my books, it feels almost as though there’s an old friend whom I’ve not seen in a while, and yet I know they’re  a phone call away. I just have to think of what to say.

The best part about writing is, you already know what you will have to say. It’s in the back of your head, and it’s ready to be put down on paper, but it’s just a matter of how to phrase it, how to build up on it, etc. You know it, and yet, you sit down at the keyboard and stare at the cursor and…/insert blank.

Really, that’s what it’s like.

The events of the past few months all but chased me off this blog, and the one thing I am very glad for is that now that the worst of the situation (for now, in any case) is past, I feel like I’m putting on a favorite jacket and I can write again. And it’s a huge relief for me to see the words popping up on the screen right now, as I’m writing this post. It makes me want to consider dictation software, if only to speed up the process of writing my own books.

But… I’m back to writing here on the regular, or so I’d like to maintain it.

I’m also liking that this blog is now evolving into somewhat of a regular old journal, and it’s something that I sorely missed since the LiveJournal days. That was eons ago, feels like. But, believe it or not, it’s been a precursor to a lot of social media, and I was on that site for a long time. And what I missed was that, for the most part – there were still trolls, creepers, etc. – most people on LJ had a huge amount of respect for each other, and it was a platform built on interaction, socializing, and writing about things. Anything would do. Short stories? The annoying person on the bus? Whatever you damned well please.

It’s a refreshing outlet, because, for the most part? The people reading this blog are all people I know. IP tracker covers me, in case of any concern.

If anyone ever wants to know why I write publicly and why I keep a public FB profile even though I am pretty much obsessed with maintaining my privacy? Reason is actually pretty simple: everyone needs an outlet. Writing just happens to be mine. And in the billions of people who are online every day, I’m only one voice, and I know that apart from whoever finds me interesting, I mostly get lost in the shuffle – and that’s okay. There is plenty of anonymity in a crowded room, if you know how to play it.

I know it’s not exactly a “party birthday weekend” – really, I love my debaucherous music weekends just fine, but I also like just having some downtime with friends – but I was actually at the dentist’s this morning. First time in three years because this is the first time I have dental insurance since starting in the workforce (I kid you not), and nothing was better than hearing, “Everything is just fine and no need for fillings, so it’s time to think about the long-overdue restoration work”. In other words – time to fix what’s been verklempt for a while, as a consequence of my long history of very bad luck in the dental chair. And yeah, not for nothing, but let it amuse you for just a second that this is probably the only time anyone ever looked forward to dental work.


But above all? I’m looking forward to working on Book 6 again. This one will be fun. Cover art may be questionable for a minute, but I think there’s a concept I may want to tweak on my own.




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  1. I need to catch up on the books. My reading took such a hit cause of my health. It’s insanely hard to focus and process when dealing with exhaustion. I’m easing back into reading more though, and finally working toward getting that exhaustion sorted. My own blog is going to start getting active again. For awhile it wasn’t too bad then I took that hit when everything got so hard and just couldn’t maintain. I’m hoping to change that though.

    I really do have to say though that I agree so much with this line:

    ” Reason is actually pretty simple: everyone needs an outlet. Writing just happens to be mine. ”

    I write as an outlet. It’s such a great one too. I have had my health impact my writing and it’s. . . such a lousy feeling when you can’t write. I think I’d go nuts if I couldn’t for a long time.

    1. It’s not the first time I had to stop writing because of other people’s watching. Few things I hate worse than that feeling; it’s like having a piece of tape over your mouth. And not one person has the right to make me feel like that. Not. Fucking. One.

      I missed writing just for the hell of it. I missed writing when I want to. And I stopped because someone got way too curious.

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