Brock Turner’s father is as much to blame as his son.

Again, not sharing because I don’t want to give it more attention than just expressing my thoughts.

By now you’ve seen the letter that Brock Turner’s father sent to the judge, saying very plainly that his son doesn’t deserve to have the rest of his life ruined for “20 minutes of action”.

To be clear? Brock Turner raped someone.

Because that’s what it’s called when you fuck someone who’s unconscious and who can’t affirm consent.

And here are my thoughts on the subject: while we’re at it, throw the father in prison as well.

I’m being 100% serious here. Throw the father into prison right behind his son. Because his father taught him that this was permissible.

Allow me to repeat myself, which is something I can’t stand doing: children’s actions are a direct reflection of the job the parents did. Take that maxim and apply it here for a minute. And let me now ask you this: where do you think that Brock Turner got the idea that it’s perfectly fine to rape an unconscious girl? Where do you think Brock Turner cultivated the entitlement that told him that her body was his for the fucking and to hell with laws, morality, or consent of the other person? Where do you think Brock Turner got the idea that raping an unconscious girl is just “getting some action” as opposed to, you know, ruining someone’s life and emotional well-being?

He got it right at home.

He got it with his father, who allowed him to believe that this behavior is acceptable. He got it with his swim coaches, who didn’t do anything to curb this entitlement. He got it from all his little friends, who probably did the same or worse. But crucially: it started at home. It started with dear old daddy, who I’m willing to bet treats the mother like shit because she’s female, and has the idea that once a woman has a ring on her finger, she’s her husband’s property, which he passed to his son in the form of the gross Privileged Entitlement that nearly all men who rape women always have.

Not to mention, the complete and total absence of remorse that Brock Turner showed at his trial. That is just setting off sociopath alert bells in my brain.

Rape isn’t about sex. It’s about control. It’s about power. To minimize it to “20 minutes of action” is highly dehumanizing of the victim. Because the victim isn’t a woman in this argument: she’s reduced to just a vagina. As though the person attached to said vagina doesn’t really exist. “20 minutes of action” – at what expense?

What the father’s letter, and that despicable statement, also does is make clear that the victim doesn’t matter, his son has a future, damn it, and that future cannot get ruined. Well, what about the future of the girl your son raped? What does she get? You know, apart from therapy, and apart from the humiliation that she had to endure by way of prosecuting your son for raping her? Apart from crippling social anxiety and remaining issues that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life? What about her future?

This is rape culture, boys and girls. This is what it looks like. You don’t get to claim that there is no rape culture in the US, because this entire case, from the judge’s sentence – only six months, because “jail is hard” – to the father’s letter that minimizes rape to “20 minutes of action”, is a classic illustration of what rape culture is and has become. It’s this way in every court in the US. Women have a past that gets put under a microscope and get the blame across the justice system if they try to prosecute their rapist (“What were you wearing?” “If you weren’t drinking…” “If you weren’t walking there…”) and the rapists are men with a future to protect (“20 minutes of action” “Jail will be too hard on him”). Women get told that if they dress a certain way or do certain things, they’ll prevent their own rapes, but men never get taught that if a woman is in front of them, they’re not entitled to fuck her. Women get bombarded with misplaced and well-meaning “safety tips” that do absolutely nothing but boil down to, “make sure he rapes the other woman and not you” as though the other woman – whether or not she’s less sober, with longer hair, with less friends around her, walking in a darker parking lot – shouldn’t be as safe as one who ‘follows the tips’.

Women are taught not to get raped, but men are never taught not to rape women.

Girls are always told “Don’t wear this” “Don’t do that” “Walk with your keys out” “Don’t drink too much” “Boys are after one thing only” – but are boys ever taught “You don’t get to just do whatever the hell you want because you want her ” or “If you don’t hear a yes or if she’s not into it, DO NOT do anything she doesn’t want”?

Of course they’re not. Because “boys will be boys”, right? /sarcasm

This is exactly why I absolutely hate the excuse of “kids will be kids” when a little child is acting up. Because it grows into “Boys will be boys”.

And this is why I say: Brock Turner’s father belongs in jail as well. Because obviously, he taught his entitled asswipe of a son that this behavior is permissible. He taught his son that whatever he wants, he can just take, and to hell if the other person isn’t willing. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just as responsible for the rape as his son.