Our Potential Madame President

Yes, she basically clinched the nomination. And yet, I am still holding out until the DNC, because that is when it’s official.


I cannot tell you how crucial it is to vote for her in November.


You guys know I’m a Bernie supporter, but I was never in the “Bernie or bust” camp. I couldn’t afford that sort of exclusionary thinking, one, and two, my experience in the world and in my political education is vastly different than that of a lot of my peers. When you see a clear and present danger to your country’s future, you really cannot afford to be exclusionary and get yourself in a snit over not voting if your candidate doesn’t win the party primaries. You focus all your efforts against stopping the immediate threat.

In this case, the immediate threat is Donald Trump, and I don’t give a shit who’s on the Democratic side: whoever’s on the Dem side will get my vote. Because there is no way that I would allow an undereducated scam artist with a toddler temper to occupy the highest seat of power in the country. Just. No. Goddamned. Way.

So if you’re in the Bernie or Bust camp? Please get the hell over it and vote for Hillary. Because we. cannot. afford. Trump.

Do I agree with Hillary on everything? Gods no. Do I like her ties to Wall Street and investment in for-profit prisons? Nope, no way. Is she a better candidate than Trump? Yes. Yes, she is. That’s not even up for debate.

And that’s why I’m voting for her.

Not because she’s a woman, not because I agree with her on all points, but because she is, very simply, a far better candidate than Trump will even come near being. Because we, the people, can gather enough momentum to keep her in check if we need to. And again: far, far better priorities than Trump.

That and I will admit that having the first female president come to power after the first Black president is something that I am very, very happy that I may get to see in person, while I’m still relatively young.

And in the event that Trump wins? Well, see y’all in Toronto, London, or Sydney.



3 thoughts on “Our Potential Madame President

  1. Voting for me has always been choosing the lesser of two evils. “Choosing” being the operative word. Not voting has never been an option for me. I think that every one who is eligible to vote MUST cast their vote. Here’s hoping people wake up to that reality, get over themselves and flip those switches in November.

      1. There are times when I wonder how we as humans ever got to where we are today in so many areas…a reality show president?! Congress run by corporation owned puppets? smh…for the people my @#$.

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