The Coat Theory

People ask me sometimes: why do you even keep a blog if you don’t like being watched? Why even go online or be public?

Because, once in a while, and lately more than usual, someone will reach out to me and say, “This post you wrote was powerful, and I love what you’re saying.” They tell me that that post helped them. That it made their lives easier. Or it made them laugh. Or think differently.

THAT is why I keep a blog. At first it was a method of promoting myself and my books. The books took a slight back burner to my photography, but I still need to write; it’s the only outlet that lets me articulate the chaos that often goes on inside my head. But most importantly, I write because I know that reading something powerful can sometimes make all the difference – as a reader, I know it well, and as a writer, I strive to help someone.

Please remember: no one who goes online or who goes online publicly ever does so to provide looky-loos with free entertainment. People go online for their own purposes, and their own reasons.

And I’m now finding out that the post I wrote about depression, The Coat Theory, has had a much, much more reaching effect than I ever thought it would. And it’s feedback like this that reminds me why I keep it public in the first place. Because someone comes back and tells me, “This post helped SO much, and SO many.”

And here it is again. For you guys. For anyone who may ever find use for it. Please refer people here.

Improvisations on Reality

Revisiting this topic on the anniversary of Robin Williams’s passing.
It’s taken me quite a long while to get this post together, so please bear with me.

At the time I wrote the original piece, I didn’t even think that this is the caliber of impact that that post would have. I speak of the long treatise on talking about depression, linked here.

I don’t even remember how I came up with the analogy the first time, but let’s talk about the condition of depression as a coat.

The Theory

Let’s make this an exercise. Look into your closet. Look at the heaviest possible coat that you have. Feel free to even put it on for a moment, just so you know how the weight of it feels.

Now imagine that it’s alive. Imagine that it has a purpose, and its purpose is to break you. Imagine that it’s heavy, heavier than…

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