SJC has in fact pulled out a second sailing for 2018.

You know what? Good! Yes, I am in fact glad to see it. Because this means that there is, in fact, sufficient demand and if enough people on waitlist have put down their deposits – which they did – then the production is doing better than I originally gave it credit for.

And I’m glad to hear that.

HOWEVER. My original post, and my original point, still stand: the SJC production definitely, 100% needs to add new artists.

There are more than enough new artists to spice up the sailing lineup. It’s long, long, long past time to introduce new artists to an audience that, obviously, doesn’t know of them, if they keep voting in the same people time in and time out. There is no genre on music that can sustain itself with the same artists: it doesn’t work. Even classical music, which typically does not have a younger-age following, has an influx of younger musicians. These younger musicians, in turn, pull in their peers for the show.

Jazz needs to survive, and because it’s a genre that thrives on originality, on improvisation, on off-the-wall wild creativity, having the same lineups year in a year out does. not. work.

And the SJC, while not the only jazz cruise on the water, is probably the longest-running smooth/contemp jazz cruise production on the water. And frankly, I expect better from it than just the same people day in and day out.

So come on, SJC. Unroll the rest of ’em.