Here we go. Again.

Let me first open this post with this:

I didn’t post about the AZ fest collapse last year on advice of many people, two of them my attorneys. We all decided to err on the side of caution, and considering that my blog has generated quite a bit of traffic with the Maxwell cruise story, I didn’t want to take more risk than necessary. This is where it was a liability issue, and as such, I had to keep mum.

Whether or not people got their money back, I am not sure. I know those who claimed with the bank all got theirs. But I do not know it was all of them.


And for the time being, things were Nice and Quiet. At least as quiet as being behind the scenes of a music genre can be.


So you can imagine my reaction when I got a forwarded email back in March. I am pasting the text below, just so y’all can get an idea.


[All spelling in original context. Name of sender of email hidden]

From: ******* ******
Subject: San Diego Music Festival Opportunity
Date: March 29, 2016 at 5:25:06 PM PDT
To: Undisclosed recipients: ;
Hi hope its a great weekend for you. Please reach me back with any questions I think someone will snatch this up quick. I’d love it to be you.
RTE productions is seeking a savey business person who likes having fun, making money, enjoys music, and is down for being a part of the solution in America and helping all children’s be resolved to succeed at school and life.  Which these festival help support through their alignment with. YouthHealth USA’s Choose2BPositive Movement that is on a path that is striving to reverse the under achievement trends in America. We goal to lift all of us especially children to Choose2BPositive  by supply for free the tools and mentoring needed to change lives for the better across America with the volunteer support of an army of senior citizens and others…
THIS INVESTMENT FROM YOU WOULD ALLOW RTE PRODUCTIONS TO PUT THE REMAING DEPOSITS DOWN ON REST OF ARTEST. THEY ALREADY HAVE CHARLE WILSON, ERIC BENET, BLACK STEET, OTHETS AND THE VENUE verifiably LOCKED DOWN. ONCE they deposit on rest of artest they can start to sale tickets. Announcements will go out next week. They need to deposit on MARY J BLIGE etc THIS IS NOT NEW AND THESE EVENTS ARE WINNERS FOR LAST 5 YEARS. Google “san diego jazz festival 2015” and at top UNDER SERCH click image verses web and see the exitement and crowds. This is fun and a money maker. This is being built and run by all who ran it before exept original owner. PLEASE NOTE THEY moved date from May to June. As a result Georges Tribute to Marvin Gaye which he wants to do as depicted will be moved to next year. And you can be a part of that.
YOU will be pay back starting after 1st week out of the ON SALE ticket sales at 50% of each sale. Once principle paid in full your 20% interest equal to $40,000.00 profit will be paid from sales of tickets to before event.  Thats huge but they are not done they will also pay you an additional 10% of net profit of event about 10days after the festival as a finacial partner benefit which if the event clears $800k you will receivd an additional  $80,000.00 dollars. Wait there is more just because its first time to show gratetude they want to give you 5% on next two events net profit so thats $40,000 × 2 equal to anothther $80,000 potentially or more. That makes for double your investment and thats not all if you can use a vendor both its yours free backstage Vip and a suite. And if you like exposure via marketing with the 40 media outets covering event all for free.  These events have a 5 year proven track record they can give you last years actual ticket recept info. The events do a net $750,000 to a $1,200,000 net each Festival. This is a golden egg.
The husband and wife original owners fell out with each other and to hurt each other dropped their Golden Egg forgetting about staff. So I encouraged the staff to unite and pick it up since they were the back bone and make it even better they did and its supper exciting. Two other festivals are shaping up too. They just have room for one Finacial partner and that prompts me to reach out to you. SO YOU CAN HAVE A GOLDEN EGG :)
This is a fun win win win opportunity. Call me asap.

Where do I even begin? I mean, truly. I can’t even be my normally sarcastic self about this. I just cannot.

A little more research on the company surfaces a familiar face, too. Not like I had to dig very deep.

Still, I didn’t think much of that email. It was worth a few giggles, though, if only for the terrible spelling. But…it gets better, as things like this often do.

You can, of course, imagine the surprise I got when I got the link to this:

Are. You. SERIOUS.

First of all, who’s the fool who gave them money to sponsor this? If I were to get an email like the one above, I’d toss it right into the recycle bin without a second thought.

Second of all, check this little refund policy:

That’s nice, but considering the two major events that went under in a very ugly fashion last year, I cannot possibly tell you just how many alarm bells this raises. There are still people who hadn’t gotten their money back from the previous fiascos that have taken place within the past year. So now there’s no recourse? Buy tix now and if the show doesn’t go on, then sorry but not sorry?

Yeah, see, I don’t think I like that. After I’ve spoken to one person too many who is still waiting on money back from other events, I would not ever buy a ticket unless there was a guaranteed 100% refund policy, in addition to event insurance.

And frankly, what did we reach if we have to buy insurance for a music event ticket?!