A quick follow-up to prior.

I’m sure my fellow CapJazzers received the letter from the production in their production.

My assessment?

Well done, Capital Jazz!

I truly mean it, well done.

They acknowledged what happened, they formulated a solution, and offered a goodwill credit in an effort to make things right. And it may not seem like much, but consider this: the amount of the goodwill credit is equal to almost the full amount of one person’s port taxes/charges/fees. That? Adds up.

This is excellent crisis management, and gets points for both promptness and content.

Bear in mind, please, that this could’ve gone very differently. But – the most important thing, at least to me, is that they have taken what happened and learned from it. This is what a good production does. This is what happens when someone wants their customers to be happy, who knows when something has gone wrong and takes the time to acknowledge and learn from what’s gone wrong and then tries to make it right.

This is exactly what I like to see from a production.

And this is, again, why I am a loyal patron of Capital Jazz.



2 thoughts on “A quick follow-up to prior.

  1. Yes, Kat; Glad for the discount, though I’d prefer a direct refund. The problem is that the NCL ship still does not have the room/availability that Cap Jazz needs for this type of cruise. Hopefully, they’ll re-work the program/activities to work with this style of ship and guests will be able to see the performers that they want to see. I’ll miss going in 2017 because I look forward to this cruise every year – it would have been my 7th one.

    1. They will rework it – of that I’m sure. They took a harsh punch, but they rolled with it. So I’m sure next year will be easier.

      I’d love for them to do Carnival again.

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