House of Horrors

That was the Daily News headline this morning, and it captures what I feel very succinctly.

Dear mother of God, what have we done.

What. Have. We. Done.

Look, people. Put aside the fancy slogans and the “USA!” chants, and just look at what the hell happened last night: we elected someone who is as grossly unqualified for President as one can possibly get, who ran on a platform endorsed by the KKK, who made absolutely no qualms about whose lives he was going to make hellacious. Hint: it’s all of us.

If you’re not (1) Rich, (2) Male, (3) White, and (4) “Christian” – by which I mean the fake cherry-picked Christianity that’s practiced to cover for hypocrisy, you are fucked. You are fucked to beyond belief. You are going to lose everything that matters to you, and no, I’m not exaggerating. The GOP had a clean sweep in the election results last night, and this does not bode well for anyone except those who long for the “good old days” of the 1950s – which we know exist only in people’s imaginations.

My mother depends on Social Security and Medicare, because she’s retiring. And how’s she going to retire now? On what? Am I even going to keep my job? How am I going to support a household of two in NYC on one salary with costs of living out of control already? Three, if you count my brother.

And health insurance? How many of us will lose it if we got it thanks to the ACA? How high will our medical costs be before we are flat broke?

I wasn’t going to announce this until I was actually closing on something, but just the other day, I got news that I had a mortgage pre-approval. I could actually buy a house, like I dreamed of for years. And now? God, now I can’t even think about it. Right now, the idea of owning property is galling. No equity will be worth it…

This is a man who has casually bragged about sexual assault. A man who had wiped his feet on the backs of small business owners and smilingly bankrupted them to build his properties and brands. This is a man who made no bones of agreeing with a lot of what Hitler had to offer – not a Godwin argument, kids, he has been reading Hitler’s speeches for years. His business ventures have failed. And somehow, the US population thought that he would somehow make everything better?

You may tell me to “have a little faith” – but I can’t. My family, in the country of my birth, has already had to go through something extremely similar. I already know just how all of this turns out. And history, obviously, does repeat itself, and what is killing me at the core is that we could do nothing to stop it. We had an opportunity to stop it, but our best efforts were, obviously, not enough. My grandparents, thankfully, are neither of them alive to see this. And I am glad for it, because I cannot possibly imagine having to tell them that the very thing they’ve survived and fought a war to overthrow is about to happen again.

Don’t even start me on the protest voters. Don’t. Just don’t. This is precisely why I say that Isaac Asimov spoke prophetically.

And I should’ve known better than to underestimate bigotry, stupidity, and hate in large numbers.

I guess the only thing we can do now is buckle down and get through it. Somehow. But here’s the thing: do not expect me to acknowledge Trump as president. I don’t care that he won. If the conservatives got away with not acknowledging Obama for 8 years, believe you me, I can avoid acknowledging this fiasco. Don’t ever question that unless you want to be called out for a hypocrite, and I am very good at public shaming.

And because I know who reads this – thank God for whoever invented IP trackers – and my audience is global, I have a few messages.

To the rest of the world: We are so, so, so sorry for putting you through this. If you believe in a deity, start your prayers now, we will need them. And please, please don’t be afraid to check the US as needed, because good mother of all holy, we. are. going. to need it.

We will not back down without a fight, though. We will not stand by and let this country go to the pits without putting up a hell of a fight. We just won’t. That’s not what we do.

To my friends, majority of whom are nonwhite: Stay safe. Stay in touch. Stay close. We will need one another to get through this. Nothing is going to be more important than staying united, even if nothing else in the country is. Right now it’s on us.

And I know, I know that now is not the time to think about it, but… while the stock market is bottoming out, buy some stock. In about 4 years, you will see why I say so. Trust me. Opportunities will be growing few and far between, but this may be a great time to grab what little stock you can. Even if it’s one share.

To my mom, in the event she ever finds this blog: Mom, I tried to warn you. I tried to tell you. This is not how I wanted to say “I told you so” – not at this cost. I am sorry that this is happening. We are really going to be in a bind, and I hope you have enough family stories to get us through this, because my faith is gone, gone, gone.

To a former friend in TN, who I hope will read this: Look – whatever personal clashes we had, please stay safe. I won’t budge on where I stand, and nor will you, but certain things are more important, such as survival. You, being in TN, are at a huge disadvantage in what’s coming, and if anything, I am just as fearful for you as I was before all this. More so, actually. Regardless of where we stand, I still want to know that you’re going to be OK. And that’s all I’m asking – just be safe. I’ve asked for very little in the years I’ve known you, and I’m asking this completely regardless of whether or not we’ll ever speak again. In fact, I’m fine if we never do, but I still want you to stay safe in the coming four years. If you want to touch base with me, you know how. I didn’t block your number.

Oh, and the Trump supporters who are reading this?

Save your gloating. Seriously, save it. I don’t want to hear it. I already heard the victory gunshots in my neighborhood last night. I do not want to hear your damn voices in my little corner of the web.

Here’s the deal: I know history a hair bit better than most of y’all. I already know what will happen to your hero. Time and karma equalize all, and enjoy your moment of victory while it lasts. What I hate is that you’re making the rest of us suffer through what’s coming.

Good gods, give me the strength to get through to next year’s Capital Jazz Cruise… I don’t joke when I say this may be the only thread to sanity I will have left.



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