Godspeed, and a word of caution

Right now, buses and planes are flying to DC from the world over, full of women who are marching on Washington, DC. Protests of the inauguration and the coming administration have already started.

Already, mixed reports are coming in.

First of all, I wish the protesters Godspeed, if they are religious, and good luck, if they are not. Many, many people whom I know are marching today, and it is hugely important to me, and the country, that they keep marching. No one ever got anything accomplished by staying still; in my case, the pen is mightier than the sword; my best protests are done with this blog and my writing.

I would like to give you a warning, though, if you are protesting:

Beware of professional agitators.

James O’Keefe has already done his part to infiltrate protests in the past. We have seen his work with Occupy Wall Street, and with BLM. Without fail, every time, he’s got someone stirring the pot, and the entire movement then has to shoulder the blame for the actions of someone who, let’s face it, didn’t belong there in the first place.

DCist offers a look into that too.

Really, not a new tactic. How is this different from the CIA sending a spook to scope out a foreign country’s diplomatic and social vibe and start engineering things from the inside? Not at all different, just on a lower level. Same shit, different playbook.

My DC marchers, I would like to ask you to be very careful, and videotape the shit out of the agitators.

This is what you watch for:

  • Masked, white male
  • Too riled up, too over-energetic, taking it out on the surrounding protesters too
  • Dressed all in black, covered mouth
  • Much angrier than everyone else around him
  • Begins trashing property on the popular spots on the march route almost immediately.

If you see anyone like that, someone who’s too “into” the protest, then you’re probably seeing a professional agitator.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll find undercover cops in the march too. This is not accidental. BLM protests have been incited to violence by plainclothes before. And as a result, BLM faced media excoriation when the actual protesters actually outed the plainclothes as the agitators.

I will give you this piece of advice: Unless you are sure that the agitator next to you isn’t a plainclothes cop, do. not. make. any. attempt. to restrain or subdue him. It’s not worth you getting hurt and there’s a very high possibility he may press charges; unless you’re a lawyer or have a lawyer, or even if not, do not risk it.

Doubly so if you suspect someone is a plainclothes. Not useful earning yourself an arrest for assaulting a police officer even if said police officer is an agitator with the express job of discrediting the protest.

If you check out any recent protest videos, it’s always someone masked, 99% of the time it’ll also be someone white, and always someone who’s a little more violent and angry than everyone else around him. Trust your gut: if something’s not right, it almost certainly is not.

And because our phones do transmit signal on a regular basis, if you want to make yourself untrackable, this is useful.

Share this post far and wide. Yeah, I have an IP tracker on this blog, but 1) I don’t share the IPs, and 2) it’s been installed for my safety, and I will extend that safety to others. Share, read, and please stay safe.



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