Capital Jazz XI Cruise is Coming Together

And I have to ask you guys: bear with them.

Just today, I saw the announcement: India.Arie, Will Downing, and Jeffrey Osborne are on board.

YES. Already I’m happy. Will Downing’s voice is one pure buttery dream of a baritone, and he has a great lyrical style. I’ve been a massive India.Arie fan ever since she released Video, and cannot wait to have my camera live and ready for that particular show. Jeffrey O is a crowd-pleaser, always has been.

But here’s why else I’m happy: this means the back-end stuff of the cruise is coming together.

I won’t remind people of what happened last year. But here’s what I will say: they are doing exactly what we said, back then, we wanted them to do. Bear with them and let them.

We said, as one collective fanbase: Do not let last year repeat itself. And I said, on this very blog: nine good years, vs. one questionable one. Stats are in their favor. They will make things work.

And that’s precisely what’s happening here.

Last year, when we all got the apology email, there was a mention that Capital Jazz will have its own reservation system, so that the mess last year wouldn’t repeat. We knew then it was going to take work, because 1. system has to be created, and 2. made compatible with Norwegian’s system, and 3. tested. As one of the commenters on this blog mentioned last year, the systems have to be tested prior to launch, and this is where i”m in the firmest agreement. A huge part of last year’s to-do was because Norwegian was unprepared for the demand of the charter attendees. Now they will be prepared.

I also said back then: CapJazz rolls with the punches and tries to set things right.

And this is precisely what they’re doing.

I’m a cautious optimist, but I also am aware of my own slight bias coming from my longtime love of the production. Nonetheless, the point stands: they’re doing precisely what we have asked them to do. They’re doing precisely what we expected them to do in terms of setting things right. And they’re doing exactly that.

I’m definitely not a patient person, but so far, this is a start. And already, if India.Arie is on board, I will enjoy the cruise no matter what.
(Okay, the mojito bar and oysters help!)



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