Those four little words…

I know it doesn’t sound like it, most days, but the one thing I loathe having to tell people is, “I told you so.”

So remember how I wrote about the San Diego Bayfest?

Since that point, this happened:

Summary: the fest was postponed until this March. People were less than thrilled.

And now this happened too:

As of right now, it’s April 17th. I am not sure what all’s gone on in San Diego since then, but I am about 99.9% certain that the event has never taken place.

People. This is exactly why I say: always research who puts on the shows. Because if you dig deep enough, you’re going to find that there’s far more in the cache of history.

People always say, “Give them a chance!” – I beg to differ. Chances are not given equally, and aren’t earned equally. Do you really think that people change, or that a thief ever stops being a thief? Let’s be honest, it’s 2017 now, and while some of us were born at night, it wasn’t last night!

I’ve been told that I’m a “bitter person” just because I always say that people don’t change. Well, if people would stop proving me right in that assessment, maybe I’d not need to say it. Seriously: my reaction is little more than the assessment of the circumstances presented to me. Don’t want me to call you out? Don’t. Give. Me. A reason.

The guy headlining this had a 2004 conviction for fraud and identity theft. This has been stated in multiple articles, and there is record of his arrest at this link. Let things like this be your litmus test of judgment. I know the music business isn’t known for its holiness, but identity theft is not a crime after which a person deserves a second chance. Sorry but not sorry. If I had a business, I have no problem hiring someone with a record, but you better believe I will look twice, three times, at what that record contains. You like to smoke weed? Go ahead and smoke it, just not in the office. You like harder drugs? Not my style, but if you want rehab, I’ll get you into rehab. You drink like a fish? Cheers! But if you’re the cleanest person around and you committed fraud or identity theft, have a great time trying to come near what’s mine. Hell. No.

People always ask me, “Why are you so suspicious of people?”

Because they prove me right. Each and every time, they. prove. me. right. My gut doesn’t lie. When I get the feeling that something’s not right, I listen to it. Without fail, I find out why I had that feeling in the first place.