About the Author

Who I am:

Photographer, graphic designer, author, accountant, not necessarily in that order. Ambitious, intelligent, lover of music, classical and jazz, lover of adventure and travel, always up and at ‘em, always doing something, and always struggling to “get it right”, despite the knowledge that there’s no such thing as perfection or ideal.

I have a full-time job, a freelance job, a business, and no love life. I have friends, a lot of them I met through music, and they’re my family every bit as much as my own mother is.

I’m a progressive liberal and unashamed of it, but willing to consider and often read other points of view, as long as the evidence is sound and supported. I’m an equalist, but don’t call me a feminist. I may agree with feminists on a great many things, but read this post to understand why I won’t affiliate.

I think and contemplate constantly. I have a photographic memory and an IQ that is a bit “up there”, and a side effect of it is that I can never forget something completely. I don’t sleep often. I do absolutely nothing for free. And I always, always keep going.

Lone-wolf personality who’s comfortable with people, but happiest with a comfy couch and a good book and tea. I am comfortable with my own company, and will take a one-on-one over a big crowd any day. I’m openly childfree and don’t see how my choices are anyone’s business. If you criticize mine, I’ll criticize yours right back.

What I do here:

I write. Plain and simple, I write. I write about relevant topics in writing, music, and the world, I write about social issues, I write about things that hurt me, about things that frustrate me, and about things that make me happy. I write. I write because I cannot help it, and it’s as much in my blood as hemoglobin. I write for profit; I have four books out and working on the fifth. I write here to engage my audience.

And most importantly, I write because I have an audience, and I write so people can read. I will call out wrongdoing as I see it, and there are very few topics that are taboo in my book.

What you have to keep in mind:

I will piss you off. If you disagree with me, okay – you’re entitled to disagree. But I will piss you off in eliciting that disagreement. I will ruffle your feathers. I will be profane, I will talk about things that are not often talked about, I will discuss difficult and offensive topics, and I will push the envelope. I will piss you off. But if at the end of being pissed off you start to think about things, and think about why I pissed you off, and think that maybe, maybe you may want to contemplate this a little further, then I consider it a job well done.

I come from a different school of thought. I was not born in the US, even though so far, I spent most of my life here, and am a citizen without any intent of changing that. But I retained the school of thought from my countrypeople and my parents, the school that puts survival above all. I’m an old soul in a young body. I lived through more than some 50-year-olds I know. I’m practical to a fault, and a survivor to a fault. When it comes down to it, and the chips are thrown down, I will always, always listen to my instinct of self-preservation. And everything I write, everything I say takes my pragmatism and survival instinct into account first.

Where you can buy my work:

Yep, my work is for sale. Photos: http://kgilrainejazz.smugmug.com

Books: http://www.amazon.com/author/katherinegilraine

Any other services – leave a message.


5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi! Author Dana Ellington Myles here to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Lovely Blog Award! To accept your award, just nominate five other bloggers, and post seven things about yourself you’d like to share here with your readers. :-).

  2. OMG thanks for your article Maxwell At Sea. I don’t know where to begin with this either other than I knew something was wrong at the very beginning. My friend had a travel agency and I work with him for years as the artist coordinator and we brought our own entertainment on board as well.

    I too question a lot of things from the beginning and tried to make Maxwell aware and I also found my posts disappearing smh. I couldn’t afford to go and thought the prices were over the top since I’m retired and love to cruise some years twice a year. I’ve cruise with Michael Baisden, Lenny Green & even to Tahiti and Hawaii for 12 days on The Crown Princess and never saw prices like that and my air was included.

    I thought they had lost their mind no air included no port charges, taxes,no transfers I was like WTF. I loved the artist lineup and I saw they had a contest first the giveaway in the very beginning was a free cruise then it went to a guitar smh LMAO. My reason for going is I have a love for Maxwell & have met him several times and we share the same birthday May 23.

    As I for stated that I was concern from the very beginning the tacky website the lack of information and to top it off a concert venue with no travel agent attached to it really. I pray the people that booked will get a full refund it’s a shame to play with people hard earned money. Thanks again for this article.

    1. You are most welcome.
      I go on a LOT of music-related adventures, mostly related to jazz. It’s normal for a jazz cruise to not have airfare included, but what was NOT normal was the incredibly inflated price. I work in accounting by my day job; when I saw those prices, I immediately had alarm bells going off in my head. This is an inaugural cruise for this guy. A first cruise. For a promoter who’s basically unknown outside of the Southwest/Southern Cali area, trying to compete with the big players on the East Coast music-cruise scene, this was just way too much.

      It could’ve been handled a lot better, in a myriad of different ways. But to delete Facebook posts by people calling him out? Bad move. Very bad. It’s basically confirming everything the naysayers were saying. It could’ve been handled a LOT better, and it tells me a lot about the promoter just based on the handling of the fallout.

      A lot of people got their refunds, though not without prolonged battles with their bank/credit card issuer, but there are some who, to this day, nearly at the end of May, still did not get their money back.

      There’s much more that I can say about the promoter who tried to put this event on, but now is neither the time nor the place.

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