About The Blog

Come to think of it, I should’ve posted this as the first thing, page-wise. Eh, what can you do, right? Right.

Well, let’s start out by pointing out the obvious.

I’m a writer, and a self-published author of several sci-fi books, with more en route.

I love jazz, and go to any show that I can conceivably make it to, whether it involves a subway trip, a bus, a rented car, or a plane.

I write about both here.

Some background on the “writing, self-publication” part of this:

Long story short: I wrote a sci-fi/fantasy series, writing is my life, and the first book of this series has been my baby since fall of 2006 – and it’s only now ready to publish. In part owing to a lack of literary agent – though not for lack of trying on that part; as of late it takes a miracle to secure one – I did it myself. In the event that someone will get inspired and say, “I want to publish a book,” this blog is a chronicle of someone who did exactly that.

But, of course, there’s the jazz. Specifically, contemporary (or “smooth”) jazz.

Smooth jazz – and I do not mean Kenny “King of Sap” G – is a favorite genre of mine. I fell in love with jazz at 15, with Down to the Bone and Marc Antoine. Since then, I got into jazz overall a lot more, having always loved big-band and vintage swing, I got introduced to urban jazz, jazz-fusion music, acid jazz, straight-ahead. The love affair continued and shows no sign of letting up.

I’m in my thirties and am one of the very, very few people my age who love and chase the music. Emphasis on chase is mine, because I routinely attend destination shows and concerts, sometimes going nearly stone-broke in order to do so.

This music is my passion. I met a good batch of artists over the time I was into it, and keep meeting more. Oftentimes, I write my book material at shows. Other times, I write about the shows and the music, which you see here. And at other other times, I photograph and design. Mostly photograph.

And I know it goes without saying, but I’m a progressive liberal and am unapologetic for it, with a chip on my shoulder against the injustices of the world, and will not hesitate to say exactly what I think, and in the precise words I think it. If what I say rubs you the wrong way, it’s hardly my problem. Social commentary is a favorite of mine, so I will also engage it often.