About The Index Series

It’s never about what’s obvious. It’s never about the world, or the time, or the specific place – it’s always about circumstance, happenstance, and how people react to those things. And you meet a lot of those people.

It’s not a job you take, unless you choose to live it.

The job?

Keep the universe in order…and all it entails.


The Revival Arc

Book 1: Mages (hard copy) (kindle) (read a sample)(goodreads)

When three warriors, weary of the havoc wreaked on them by the High Mage, take a leave of absence, they get a rude awakening when their number-one threat finds them – on Earth. Armed with little more than their powers, their wits, and their experience, they have to contain the threat – but nothing is as it seems.

As they hit the ground, they find that they’re left with more questions than answers, and a perilous procedure may either pay off with great possibilities or cost them everything. For
Arriella, Shourron II, and Makkian, the battle is just getting started.

Break time’s over

Book 2: Secrets (hard copy)(kindle)(read a sample)(goodreads)

The Mage Ranking Tournament is back – a show of power and prowess that the entire universe stops to watch – except, perhaps, the one person who needs the help of none but the High Mage. Whosoever takes the High Mage medallion in this tournament also has to find out exactly what happened in the highest-security location in the universe.

There are several skeletons in some rather high-profile closets, and they are making a fair bit of ruckus as the newly acknowledged High Mage leads the others into their next investigation – with a few personal surprises in turn.

Certain things must never stay hidden.

Book 3: Lineage (hard copy)(kindle)(read a sample)(goodreads)

It’s the year 3400 in New York City, and Alex Kramer’s company troubles are complicated by the sudden disappearance of his business partner and friend, Jason Watson. Alex immediately suspects foul play, and calls in some otherworldly assistance. No sooner than help arrives, Jason resurfaces with something that could turn the entire concept of Mages on its head.

Just when Arriella, the current High Mage, recovers from her latest mission, she finds out that the skeleton in her father’s closet is, in fact, her sister, whom she had never met, never known, and who is now missing. Her recent whereabouts plunge Arriella right back into New York City, where the intergalactic presence is a fact of life, and discovers that her sister has a bone to pick with quite a few people, including Arriella herself.

The Index: Lineage brings an entirely new twist to the old saying, “Blood is thicker than water”. The Mages, a close group, always value their own, whether or not they got their powers by birth or otherwise. But what happens when someone comes along to redefine the perception of normal in a universe where magic is commonplace?

Sometimes, lineage can be a killer.

Book 4: Revival (hard copy)(kindle)(read a sample)(goodreads)

Shourron I wanted nothing more than to find out where he came from. Who was his father? Who ordered the leech? Investigations yielded nothing, and he thought that no one would ever know…

Until now.

Shourron gets the answers to his checkered past, but the knowledge comes at a price: everything he knows about himself, a world where people had once sought refuge, and the life of someone dear to him.

Those who want answers above all must be careful what they wish for.


The Succession Arc

Old & New (Available June 26th, 2015)

The Battle of Earth changed the attitude of the universe towards the Mages, so much so that one of them had decided to break ranks, leave his entire life behind, and depart for parts unknown, where he will soon find that some ghosts do not stay buried. Someone holds a grudge against the Mage community in the wake of the battle, and it’s up to the team to band together and find out who is behind a macabre message left across multiple planets and parsecs.

Grieving and traumatized, Arriella is unable to keep focus as the High Mage, and as her sister, Kataria is forced to step into the very role that her mother, Morrhia, had been grooming her for – only to discover her own complete lack of desire for any sort of a leadership position. But Morrhia, who never took no for an answer, has her own ideas for the leading seat of Rovillus’s First sector, and this time, she has some willing help.

What happens when someone’s vendetta for vengeance hits too close to home?

Cause & Effect (Pending Revision)

Arriella and Kataria have to figure out the matter of succession to the throne of their country, the First sector of Rovillus, that their father had fought to gain and keep. Much to their surprise, Morrhia resurfaces to stake a claim in her home world’s future, and takes her twin daughters to court…and she has the law on her side. Who will emerge as the rightful leader?

Elsewhere, a killer is lurking, waiting for the perfect moment to unseat Arriella from her station as the High Mage, and claim her life as a bonus. Corwin Jacobs, newly in charge of the investigation, finds evidence that points to an unsurprising but equally unlikely suspect.

Away from the universe, away from his duties, shamed into dust, Shourron I is about to find out that he had not vanished as completely as he thought.

Evidence or circumstance: which is more reliable?

Book 7: Action & Reaction (Pending Revision)

The straw has been pulled, the decision has been made, and Rovillus’s First sector has a new ruler, who would do anything to not be in the seat of power, and she is about to find out just how much her father had kept from her. The country is not the only thing plaguing the new queen’s concerns, and she is about to find out exactly what ruling a country can entail…if she can survive long enough to defend it.

In a last bid to flush out a killer, the Mages hold another tournament. However, if every Mage is a suspect, whom can Arriella trust within her own ranks?

Every question has an answer, and every action has a reaction, but how far is too far?

Book 8: Origins I – Rhyssius & Morrhia

Before Arriella, before the First-sector monarchy, the young Rhyssius, son of Nerus LeSarnann, heir to a monarchy long-forgotten, is introduced to the planetary politics and the history of his family. In a time where the sins of the fathers will follow their sons, how will Rhyssius make a mark for himself when he and his have already been staked for targets?

Morrhia ran away to avoid a forced marriage, and found herself fast en route to the Tenth sector, armed with little more than her wits, her strength, and her focus. She can only hope to prove herself worthy as the Military Academy of Rovillus opens its doors to female recruits for the first time, but how can she do that if she can’t even impress the only classmate she has?

The origins of Arriella’s parents, Rhyssius and Morrhia, are as high-flying and explosive as the spaceships in her own space and time.