Before anything else, I will say that without the external influences, I don’t think I would have this series at all. And of course, there’s a lot more people than just whom I mention, so if I leave someone out, I’m sorry.

First order of thanks go to Dom, Angela, Roy, Michelle M. and Krissy for being there when I first got this hare-brained idea; to the real Alex and Jason for driving me up a wall long enough to keep writing (you two know who you are!) and to Karly for the late-night chats and coffee as I began re-writing Book 1 back in 2007.

With gratitude to Nikki, who kept me sane through most of 2009 when I was getting Book 1 out the door, and to Gayle, for taking the reins from Book 2 onward. I have the best editor in the world, no doubt there.

Many thanks to my out-of-state friends; you are priceless. I don’t think that I’d have half of the story if not for you. And there’s a lot of you, both out-of-state and local. All of you are fantastic.

Additional thanks go to Double Trouble, T. and the Irish Family – you’re the best.

Also to the staff at all the places where I camped out with my writing pad…for not kicking me out when I sat writing at the bar for hours on end. Particularly, ahem, The Cutting Room of NYC. Long live the 24th Street location; Book 2 took place there, and a huge chunk of Book 3, to boot. Steve Walter, you rock, and Howard, thanks for believing in my crazy idea of publishing a book before I did. I’m glad to be back home at the new place. Cheers.

Much gratitude and love goes out to all my people in Long Island. You all know who you are.

A special acknowledgment to all the musicians that I met along the way; whether you encouraged me (silently or not so much) or just played the music that kept pushing me to write, little by little, it came together with your help. I will not forget where most of my inspiration, adventures, and misadventures took place. All of this contributed to making this story what it is. My hat is off to you.

Special thanks to Marion Meadows, the digital artist moonlighting as a sax player (oh, wait, it’s the other way around. Whooooops) for the cover of Books 3 and 4. Keep on drawing, and playing too. Special thanks also to Jenna Bacci and Tiffany Chaney for their contributions to the cover art.

Finally, thank you to the city of New York, for being the adventure that it is every day, and for being the love of my life.

Always and forever,