Blog Rules & Privacy Policy

I figure I might as well do this, since as of late, there’s been a spike in my readership and I’m sure that RSS feeds and e-mail subscriptions are to follow.

First off, privacy policy.

1. I do not sell, or otherwise distribute, your e-mail if you’re a subscriber.

That’s just something I address as default. If you subscribe to this blog, I will be the only one who knows.  I don’t like my info to be sold for profit, nor will yours be.

2. Comments are moderated.

If you check out the Akismet button on the sidebar, you’ll see that to date (April 7th, 2010), I have 309 spam comments. Think about it. Between pingbacks and legit comments, I have all of sixty since the blog’s inception in May of last year. I would loathe to wade through three hundred-plus comments for the legit ones. So I mod them. Akismet has an excellent filter, but I still have, once in a while, several spam comments pass as legit.

3. Copyright is respected.

If you think you’re seeing your material on here without credit, let me know in comment. Conversely, I will mention whose content I’m linking to, lest it be my own. Only time I will not give credit is if I genuinely have no idea of the source; i.e. stock photo and the such.

Now, the rules:

1. Proper grammar is required.

Basic 101 rule here. If you’re responding to an existing comment or to a post, doesn’t matter – legible grammar is a must. Very few things get me from zero to furious in no seconds flat like poor grammar. Don’t mix up your possessive pronoun with a contraction (“its” vs. “it’s”) and the such. Just because it’s the Internet doesn’t mean that you need to let your grammar slip.

2. Respect.

If someone says something you disagree with and you must dissent – do so respectfully. Don’t go slinging insults and personal attacks; ad hominem insults are a losing argument. Prefacing your argument with “no offense, but” does not make your post less offensive. While I acknowledge that yes, someone will always be offended, there’s a way to state a dissenting opinion without pissing people off. You may notice that once in a while I get snarky or sarcastic and so do some of my commenters. That is okay, but again, keep it to within reason. There’s a very fine line between a sarcastic comment and an insult.

Which brings me to…

3. Back up your words.

If you have a reputable source for your claim, cite it. If you have a strong opinion, explain your reasoning. If your opinion is personal, own up to it. And if you don’t like something, clarify the why. I saw this in reviews a lot: someone would shred a piece of writing/film/theatre in review and not at all back up their claims. Doesn’t fly here. If you don’t like something – that is your opinion but explain it.

4. If you have to hotlink, give credit.

I can’t say this enough. Give credit to what you see. I own the copyright for the series, my cover artists own their covers’ copyright, front and back, and I own the copyright to my photography and designs, which will be posted shortly. If you’d like to use my photos without the copyright layer over it – contact me, I’ll send it over and link me to the result. If you’d like to link to my post – let me know. If I feature someone here and you want to use it – I’ll ask the person for permission. While the world of writing networking has changed, this doesn’t change the copyright law and the fact that people like to have credit where and when it’s due. Respect that.

And by all means, enjoy the content and comments are always welcome!

All comments welcome. Chime on in!

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