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The Index, Book 2: Secrets

The Index, Book 3: Lineage


Where The Index, Book 1: Mages introduces the reader to a plethora of personalities, worlds, politics, and feelings, Book 2: Secrets and Book 3: Lineage deliver a one-two punch of a follow-up to the many questions that Book 1 had left for its readers. Science fiction, magic, technology, and intrigue come alive as Katherine Gilraine expands her universe, and embraces inspirations of Greek mythology and people around her to make the already intricate world even more so.

Book 2: Secrets picks up a hundred Cosmic years after Mages leaves off, and catches up to the characters as they turn some milestones in their time of tentative peace. Arriella and Shourron II, longtime sweethearts, take the next step in their relationship. Rhyssius, Arriella’s father, watches and reminisces about his own romance. Vannara is vindicated and watches her family grow closer. However, underneath the peace, there are skeletons in many people’s closets, and when the long-awaited Mage tournament is underway, they begin to make a racket. Before long, a visitor from an oft-avoided part of the universe summons the Mages for help.

Lineage unexpectedly plunges Arriella and her friends right back into New York City, where the year is 3400, the technology has boomed, and a prominent pharmaceutical company has had such a string of strange events that its owner, Alex Kramer, thought it necessary to call in some otherworldly help. In fact, things are so downright strange that his own business partner is missing. The thing is, so is Arriella’s sister, and while the cases don’t seem to be connected, Jason Watson resurfaces, and promptly turns any previous theory on its head.

Gilraine’s criminal justice background takes center stage in her storytelling of those two installments as she showcases the concept of Mages as an intergalactic, outer-space police force. As things crop up in her characters’ worlds, she walks her characters through the scene, from incident to evidence. All throughout the adventures in investigation, she continues to keep her characters as human and fault-filled as people can be, navigating them through the maze of self-exploration, asking this time, “How important are the skeletons in the closet?” and “How do you know when something’s just not right?” Gilraine knows the value of intuition, and by the end of each of these installments, makes sure that the reader does as well.

“I wanted to answer questions of Book 1 with both its sequels,” Gilraine says when she ponders how Secrets and Lineage connect to Mages. “You met the characters, and you saw them make some pretty interesting decisions. Some are impulsive, some are rooted in deep conviction. Every decision has consequences, every action has a reaction, and while Arriella and her friends are Mages, they’re as human as any of us. This means, of course, that the path that their lives would take as they face the consequences of their actions is, well…interesting. You never know whom they’ll run into.”

As to how she had come up with the new additions to her cast, Gilraine laughs, “Let’s just say I’ve met a lot of very interesting people, and some of them were such characters that they had inspired their own counterparts!”

Gilraine had self-published Mages via CreateSpace, and had followed the same path with her next two books. Additionally, she had added the digital editions of all her books to her personal marketplace, and her books are now available for every e-reader, as well as in the iBookStore. She continues to participate in NaNoWriMo to this day, and had just scored her sixth win in a row. She continues to explore her vast muses and interests and routinely travels to jazz festivals all over the country. Recently, she picked up a Nikon camera and began to teach herself the ins and outs of photography to further expand her growing practice as a graphic designer.


Author Information:

Book 2: Secrets

ISBN: 1448675448

Page count: 462



Publisher: CreateSpace, 1st Edition (March 23, 2010)


Book 3: Lineage

ISBN: 1450538320

Page count: 554


Publisher: CreateSpace, 1st Edition (July 7th, 2011)


To set up a book signing or interview, contact the author directly.

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