Attempting to toy with WordPress upload for a mo’

Okay. First things first, I should really drink some damn coffee before I write here. Sleep-typing is a bad idea, unless I wish to unintentionally amuse my readers by typo. Well, it works! :)

So I still have a bunch of photos, not just from concerts. I also have a ton of storage space from WordPress that I can very easily use to store my best photos. So I’m playing around with it now. Apologies to my Facebook/Twitter people who may get a bit of a whacked-out image there…

This is a photo that surprised me. Boney James, taken at Berks Jazz Fest Finale, by yours truly. And yes, I know it wasn’t allowed…apologies to the lovely people of Berks… but from middle right orchestra, on flashless ISO setting, this is pretty rocking. Copyrighted by me, taken with a Kodak M381. Also, a scene from my favorite places: Long Beach, Long Island, NY. Taken last year with a Nikon Coolpix 7600, 7mp resolution, regular setting.

Boney James at Berks Jazz Fest 2010
Sunset on the boardwalk of Long Beach, NY. 2009

Reflections on Berks

Also known as, my very long Chasing Music writeup. I have to consolidate, on the account that I saw a lot of things there, I had a lot of fun, and I am in a bit of a time-crunch, so I can’t really be as detailed as I’d like to be. So be prepared for a bit of a ramble-a-thon.

Cut for a l-o-n-g writeup of last weekend…

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