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Again, with feeling: WE DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.

If you want my photos, or anyone else’s, or someone’s creative work, period – PAY. FOR. IT. This is non-negotiable. Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

Found this on FB, and I cannot begin to tell you just how true this is, and how many times this needs to be said. If I had a dollar for every time someone had asked me to shoot “for … Continue reading

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The Real Author Solution is Research.

David Gaughran, who is a brilliant and prolific blogger as well as author, hosted Emily Suess in this post about Author Solutions. We’re in 2013. At this point, self-publication has evolved to where it is not only taken seriously, but … Continue reading

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Debate and Taxes

Last night’s debate was honestly a lot better. Now I understand exactly why Obama had held back on the first one: he wanted to give Mitt Romney enough time and rope to where he’d spew everything he had to spew, and … Continue reading

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I can’t think of an adequate header for this post, because I will start waxing ranty, and fair warning for heated language. That said, onward we go. My dear friend and pro percussionist Gary Stanionis posted this recently. If you … Continue reading

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Oh, Big Six…foot, meet bullet.

The Big Six publisher companies have declined to renew a contract with Amazon. Which can also mean that all the trad-pub books available for Kindle can get de-listed. Seriously? Oh, traditional publishers, what the fuck are you doing. Very similar to … Continue reading

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I have been thinking about this long and hard. While on the CapJazz cruise, I spent a good amount of time with a friend of mine who, in addition to his day job, has taken his talent for graphic design … Continue reading

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